Functional competency is deemed to be when an employee is considered to have a set of skills and knowledge that matches or exceeds the documented expectations of a given position within a client’s organisation.
Once competency has been established, per client requirements, what follows is a high level oversight of what is involved in developing an effective and efficient training and development programme that assures both career advancement opportunities for the workforce but also cost and time efficient work processes for the client.
Such skills based approached raises workforce motivation and interest while providing clients with the opportunity to cater for the training of both new hires, requiring basic level training inputs, and more experienced personnel requiring skills upgrades to facilitate career advancement or to meet new technical or technological advances in core fields. Training is provided in various guises and developed per the specific requirements identified during gap analysis. These are traditional instructor led classes, a proven means of delivering knowledge based Training Programmes.

These are primarily computer based Training Programmes (CBTs), either generic industry programmes or new DEFT developed CBTs based on client’s specific needs.
Building on the inputs received from both classroom and simulation training, client’s workers are provided with a more practical learning environment via practical exercise under the watchful tutelage of DEFT instructors.
OJT focuses its attention the safe and effective transition of client’s personnel from the relatively safe, low risk environment of the training rooms and workshops to the more demanding and hazardous areas of actual operational work. Career training and curriculum design including some of the following topics (can be customized for your specific work environment or team need). The process, as outlined in DEFT’s training and development cycle graphic, is triggered by the client competency model, which initiates the process of building the workforce competency packages.

DEFT provides clients with instructional personnel who are subject matter experts with significant technical and training experience in their respective fields. During this phase of training under the tutelage of suitably qualified DEFT mentors and supervisors, trainees learn how to complete their assigned tasks in a safe and effective manner.
Once learning content has been delivered utilizing appropriate channels, instructor lead, OJT, CBT, formal mentoring etc, identified gaps should have successfully been closed leading to a more competent and motivated workforce.

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