To ensure Cargill’s continued growth and future success, the company establishes employee training programs that educate workers in all aspects of the company. Cargill’s development programs foster the leadership potential of its workers, helping them grow in the workplace. When you get employees on board, their enthusiasm is contagious and will go a long way towards enhancing customer service, attracting new customers and building a trusting clientele. Employees are already motivated to be brand advocates because their livelihood depends on the reputation and success of the brand. A diverse employee-base means your brand will be delivered into inboxes and social media accounts that never would have overlapped with your brand page.
77 percent of people rely on and trust product or service recommendations from friends and family over a brand's social networking sites.
Here's a company that has enjoyed widespread brand recognition and employee advocacy for decades: Airstream.
It's going to be difficult to spread the good word if your construction company or architectural firm has been a staunch holdout on the digital front. One of the first steps to successfully training future employee brand advocates is to round up a group of your hippest and most active social media users.
One of the most fun things about getting all of your employees on board is watching who rises to the top.
Once employees are actively engaged as your most passionate brand advocates, you will watch your brand recognition soar.
Choose from a range of interactive training solutions in Regina to help employees develop their presentation skills and become more confident communicators in the workplace. Whether your team is preparing for large conferences or small presentations, youa€™ll find that our Corporate Explorer Training Team takes a more hands on approach to employee training. Experience effective, engaging public speaking training and learn how to make your business stand out.
Your team will surprise you with what is possible after only a few minutes time using highly productive practices. Fun, memorable, and effective activities that help with the development of presentation skills are a great alternative to more traditional training. By incorporating performance elements into the activities, our solutions give your group the chance to work on their public speaking skills, and return to work with more confidence. Communication, creativity and collaboration are required to construct a quality build item for a local charity. Our solutions can help your team get excited and feeling confident about speaking to audiences of all sizes. Come the day of your training session or activity, we'll be there to make the program run smoothly and ensure that your group is taken care of. Click the banner to subscribe and find out how to build an engagement engine from the pioneers of gamified, social online learning!

Generally speaking, employees aren’t hired to spend all day reading staff manuals, watching instructional videos and completing eLearning units. The trouble with being a learning manager is that the training material, whatever form it takes, is just another thing that the employee needs to do besides fulfilling the role they’re paid to fulfil.
Sure, the formal element of their training only makes up 10% of everything they learn at work, but while they’re taking it, you might as well make every second of their time count.
Learning games are different from the typical eLearning units you’ve grown to merely tolerate. Badges are virtual rewards that can be attached to various actions within the learning game. Along with badges, the learner also receives congratulatory messages as they proceed through the game.
Even if it’s something as simple as filling in a progress bar, people will always strive to complete unfinished tasks. These are just a few of the benefits to game-based learning that affect the learners themselves. If you use a game-based eLearning authoring tool, you will generally start a project by selecting a game template. If you want to train your employees without wasting their time (and yours), learning games might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. We're so prolific, we've ended up on eLearning Feeds' list of unmissable online learning blogs! Hi there!If you’re reading this, you’ve reached the bottom of the page – you must really be enjoying yourself!
And get this: at the software giant Cisco, employees as a group have 10 times more followers than corporate social accounts.
In this session, Sharon McIntosh, who spearheaded PepsiCo's award-winning employee ambassador program, will show you how to build an ambassador program that taps into employee engagement in a unique way.
It's fascinating how many of them will admit to driving brands other than the vehicles they sell. In best case scenarios, advocates are so passionate about your brand that they will actively seek to spread the word via word of mouth, social media channels and even their own promotional materials. While we understand that developing a website can be a time consuming and costly investment to start, at this point in the game, your company's brand recognition and authority depend on it.
But once someone hears about your company from a friend, they are going to head straight to their nearest electronic gadget and look you up. This means you will want to hold continuing training sessions so employees are up to date on ever-evolving social media trends so they remain actively engaged on behalf of your company.
Your marketing team may be the most vocal, but you're in for some surprises from unlikely candidates on other, more quiet, sectors of the company, like your engineering team, finance department or the IT gurus.
From team meetings, to presentations, to conference seminars a€“ public speaking with confidence is a valuable business skill to have.

As your team is busy trying to achieve the goal of the activity, they will also be improving their presentation skills. In all likelihood their jobs are already challenging enough, so it’s easy to see how they might view their training material as little more than a distraction.
It doesn’t help that eLearning (and training material in general) is more often than not rather dull, dry and boring. Instead of a passive, click-through slideshow, the experience is more interactive and it makes use of gamification – the secret sauce of engagement. This mainstay of gamification is what keeps learners engaged with tasks even when it’s time to go home! Aside from the engagement advantages, learning games can also make the course builders’ lives a lot easier.
If your authoring tool also has collaborative features, every subject matter expert in your company can add questions to a quiz bank whenever they feel like it.
Genie is a content authoring tool that’s designed specifically for creating learning games quickly and easily. Well, if you’ve ever played a game in your life, you might have noticed how difficult it was to drag yourself away from it. Of course, you should ideally put some thought into the learning journey, but when time is against you, every little helps! Once you have good selection of questions, it’s a matter of merely slotting them into a game template and exporting the unit to your LMS. Worse, if what they see is completely outdated, unattractive, not visible on mobile platforms, etc., they are likely to consider it a strike against you. As you can imagine, the first step will be ensuring your company has a social media savvy base.
You might have looked at the clock and realised that, without your noticing it, hours had slipped past. And by making them ambassadors, there is a bonus: You’re preparing for communications in a crisis.
As customers, we feel the most comfortable when a company employee is also a brand advocate. Make sure your company has a well-designed website with a mobile-friendly design and then augment it with blogs and a presence across major social media channels so your employees have a better chance of advocating your brand in the hot spots.
Even though social media is a widespread phenomena, not everyone has accounts - especially those who are older.
The goal of creating a social and active employee base is to have them share their expertise, authority, passion and pride with others in their network.

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