The all new, highly anticipated, two part carpet cleaning training DVD series that takes you from A to Z with a proven, repeatable, 13-step system that is guaranteed to generate higher tickets and happier customers! Carpet Cleaners - you need the right tool to do a perfect carpet patch every time, and the cookie is NOT IT! Do you wish you had a personal trainer to teach you or your technicians everything he knows about carpet cleaning, carpet stains, carpet specialty stains, pet damage, upholstery cleaning, carpet bonded inserts (carpet patches), carpet restretching, carpet repairs, how to mix your cleaners and how to up sell step by step? Now you do, when you purchase the ALL 100% REAL JOBS Carpet Cleaning Training Videos & DVD's! Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional we have carpet cleaning training videos and DVDa€™s that will teach you basic to advanced skills.
Challenge yourself to continue growing and learning through our DVD training and you will see incredible results in only 7 days. Have you ever wished you could become an upselling machine and increase your average job by 100% or more?
Re-stretching to get out those wrinkles that drive your customers crazy and create new carpet cleaning jobs. If you watch just one DVD a day in one week you will learn over 45 revealing secrets that you can put into practice as early as next week. We recommend the ABCa€™s of Carpet Cleaning two part DVD set, the Top Gun Training Manual ebook and Georgea€™s Official Invoice which is available for you to edit and customize for your own business. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any of our training DVDa€™s or products just return your purchase within 30 days for a full refund.
These are the most powerful carpet cleaning training videos & DVD's you will ever purchase - they are designed to help you make the money you deserve and to help your clients love you so much that they turn into referral machines!! At Carpet Cleaning Trade Secrets our goal is to offer unique and relevant carpet cleaning training videos and DVD's to carpet cleaners just like you.
Leading Carpet Cleaning Company Trainers Agree: George is taking our industry to the next level! All footage in the Carpet Cleaning Training Videos are filmed on real jobs - there are no classroom staged situations!! These carpet cleaning and carpet repair training videos are jam-packed with technical skills that can only be learned from REAL JOBS. You can also use our contact form to introduce yourself - we look forward to hearing from you.
Feel free to visit the website of the premier Portland Vancouver Carpet Cleaning Company - Checkmate Carpet Cleaning. This comprehensive carpet care seminar, taught over two days, includes modules on fiber and carpet identification, advanced cleaning techniques and methods, problem solving methods and spot and stain removal.
This workshop will teach you how to become a spot and stain removal master, and how to repair color loss either from your own stain removal efforts or from bleach discolorations and other color loss related issues that you see every day. Although not a certification class, this continuing education workshop shows you how to identify spots and stains, choose the best cleaning chemistry (solutions), methods for removal and more. There are tens of thousands of carpet and furniture cleaning companies in the United States. Removing carpet cleaning and furniture cleaning detergent (soap) residue and foamCheck out this video. Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, IICRC, The Clean Trust, Carpet Cleaning Classes and Workshops, Carpet Cleaning Seminars, Furniture Cleaning Classes and Workshops, Upholstery Cleaning Classes and Workshops, Cleaning Classes, Janitorial classes and Workshops, Private Cleaning Classes, Jeff Cross, Cleanfax, Totally Booked University, Classes for Professional Carpet Cleaners, Classes for Professional Furniture Cleaners.
This unique online course in domestic and residential cleaning is perfect for guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, small hotels and holiday homes, where a high standard of cleaning and appearance is expected without question; the lack of good cleaning can ruin the reputation and break the business. About UsThis site and Cleaning Masterclass is exclusively run and maintained by Futureclean Assured Systems - Leading experts at delivering cost effective more environmentally acceptable, alternative cleaning technologies and processes in order to give you faster, more effective solutions to all your most complex and impossible cleaning problems. Our GuaranteeAll training information and course materials, including all training courses cleaning business manuals, marketing courses and free information carries our guarantee of accuracy and quality and reliability of information.
This site and the Cleaning Masterclass online training course are exclusively run and maintained by Futureclean Assured Systems. Experts at delivering cost effective more environmentally acceptable, alternative cleaning technologies. Discrimination and all unlawful harassment (including sexual harassment) in employment is not tolerated.

Get the entire Carpet Cleaning Training video Series plus the SECRET RECIPES DVD RIGHT NOW! You need All 100% Real Jobs carpet cleaning training videos & DVD collection and our Upsell Every Job two part DVD set. When you purchase these carpet cleaning training videos & DVD's your business will have a profit explosion!
These cutting edge carpet cleaning training videos & DVD's were developed and proven to train a new technician in 2 weeks to perform like a seasoned professional. Thank you for stopping by Carpet Cleaning Trade Secrets a€“ The professionala€™s first choice for carpet cleaning & carpet repair training products. We cover cleaning chemistry in detail so you understand the reaction of soils and cleaning solutions. Color repair may seem intimidating, but with hours of hands-on instruction in this two-day class, you will see how easy it is. Learn how to remove mustard, furniture stains, Kool-Aid and other tough dyes, ink, permanent marker, iodine, wine, grape juice, copier toner, fingernail polish and other cosmetics, and more.
By using the course information, you are guaranteed to get best practice provided to you through the very detailed knowledge we possess, of the cleaning market, cleaning practices and standards.
That's why we offer plenty of learning opportunities, on-the-job training and mentorship programs. We encourage success based on our individual merits and abilities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, marital status, citizenship status, military status, protected veteran status or employment status.
With you or your technicians trained to handle the most difficult scenarios, there will never be a job you have to say no to - and you can charge more for the expertise. You will learn advanced methods and "tricks of the trade" that will make you an expert cleaning technician. We talk about all fiber types, how to clean them, what method of cleaning works best – and at the same time, works safe. Specific challenges such as old urine stains, removing filtration lines, how to identify spot and staining substances and "thinking outside the box" techniques will make you a master in spot and stain removal.
Learning technical skill and solid procedure to clean carpet and furniture is absolutely necessary and certification training for all technicians should be part of your company's business model.Remember, your customers assume you will do the best job possible. He will teach you carpet cleaning and carpet repair techniques that took him years to perfect. If you absorb the material in our sales and upselling carpet cleaning training and implement the systems in The ABC's of Carpet Cleaning, then your tickets can average over $500 easily! Carpet cleaning certification training classes are perfect for beginners or veterans alike.
Your customers will call you to fix their "bleach spots" when they know you offer this type of service. You say a silent prayer, or maybe utter a profanity, and try again, turning the key with hope in your heart.You know the customer is watching, and she has even moved all the furniture for you.
Cleaning chemistry, spot and stain removal and problem-solving techniques are a large part of this class.
This color repair certification training class is required to attain IICRC Master Textile Cleaner status. Upholstery or furniture cleaning certification training classes are a MUST for cleaners to learn skills that will keep them out of trouble. Join Jeff Cross, executive editor of Cleanfax, for a carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, color repair or spot and stain removal class or workshop.
The specialized skills you will learn will give you the confidence and knowledge to tackle most any situation - now imagine your success and do what it takes to get there! You will learn all procedures recommended by the IICRC plus advanced methods to handle virtually any cleaning challenge. The specialized skills you will learn will give you the confidence and knowledge to tackle most any situation and make MORE PROFIT. When you have a fined-tuned sports car, what do you watch more than people turning their heads? Taking a look under the hood while the machine is running is always a good idea," Smith suggested.As mentioned, mechanical issues and breakdowns are going to happen, eventually.

If you have ever experienced a frozen machine, you know that the initial repairs may not be all that is needed. Future problems may surface.Jack Newcomb with Laundry Express in Canton, OH, believes in dual protection for truckmounts. If heated storage isn’t available, we strongly recommend that you put anti-freeze in your unit.
Because these small units can fail, for multiple reasons.Winter is the perfect time to do your yearly maintenance. Clean radiator fins, too, and check the water pumping system, seals and check valves, as well as chemical pump diaphragms and pump check valves.And when you change the engine oil, consider changing it for 10w-30 viscosity oil. Look for any leaks, and repair or replace leaking hoses.Check all quick disconnects on the truckmount itself to ensure they are not leaking. Make sure you clean or replace all blower protection filters, incoming water filters and waste tank filter baskets. Check waste tank gaskets to ensure proper seal on waste tanks.Check all upholstery tools and wand valves to ensure there are no leaks, and repair as required.
Is the vacuum breaker set according to manufacturer’s specifications?Make sure that the jets on wands and tools have a correct spray pattern and that the jets are not worn. Connect the tools to the machine and check to make sure that they are not leaking or dripping.
Be sure to do this with the water temperature set to where you would normally clean at, because sometimes the valve will not leak when cold water is used.This is also a great time to review the maintenance chart for your specific machine.
Depending on where you live, your truckmount operates in a variety of weather conditions, from extreme cold to extreme heat. It is important your oil viscosity or weight matches the temperatures you are operating in.
With the constant pulling of the throttle cable, over time the cable can stretch and this decreases the engine RPM. If the engine is running at a lower RPM, the engine is working harder and the engine temperature will increase. Lower RPM will also decrease the amount of cooling air from the engine cooling fan on the front of the engine. This guy was a single truck company and, like most, offered a fabric protection product, using a well-known fluorochemical. I can''t mention the specific product that he offered by name, but it starts with an "S" and most people misspell the latter part.It seems that he bought aerosol cans of the stuff at the local grocery store and would "mist" it over the carpet. One of his former customers (she belonged to me now) said that she was watching him spray the product but then the nozzle plugged up. It seems a shame to pull hoses, drag in the portable or fire up the truckmount, and go through all the proper cleaning steps when no one notices, anyway.You could go in, spray some type of deodorizer and then rake it in, call it good, collect your money and run to the bank.
This only works if the customer is not home and there are no surveillance cameras operating.Unethical?
This usually happens when a customer says "Hey, can you hit that real quick?" and doesn't want to pay extra for the additional work.Avoiding temptation While there are all kinds of temptations we might face, ways to cut corners, respectable business owners do not engage in them.
Remember that some of your competitors just might be tempted to cut corners and that could be how they offer their services at a much lower cost. The longer the material is saturated, of course, the more microorganisms multiply and the stronger the odor becomes,” Capon said. End of story?Waste tank woesHave you ever opened a waste tank in the middle of August and taken a deep breath? He also offers IICRC-approved seminars in the categories of carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and color repair.
The first few years I was flying by the seat of my pants and, most of the time, using the wrong chemicals and procedures. Yes, I had to drive several hours to reach them, but it did open my eyes to what I didn’t know.

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