Managers and leaders face many unique challenges, whether you’re stepping into the role for the first time or you are already have years of experience. I’m Madeleine Morgan and I’ve spent more than fifteen years coaching and training leaders and managers in Cambridge to achieve their personal and professional goals.
That’s why I created Success for Managers – a range of coaching and training programmes designed specifically to meet the needs of modern business owners, managers and executives. Just contact SUCCESS FOR MANAGERS today to arrange your FREE Discovery Session, where we’ll identify where you or your team are right now and what you need to be doing to get to where you want to be.

During that time, I realised that despite all the training and coaching resources available there are still gaps. These are the skills that separate truly great managers and leaders from struggling ones and can be learnt about absolutely anybody.
You may be the most knowledgeable, talented, and capable manager in the world, but it your employees are lacking in motivation, mediocrity will creep into your organization. This powerful program is about creating a lively value-based work environment in which employees feel passionate about doing their jobs and putting the best of themselves into these jobs.

It is designed to help managers use pragmatic techniques and motivational success strategies to keep employees from falling victim to mediocrity and complacency. Managers can now inspire all those around them by creating a productive work environment in which employees will tap their own motivational energy and perform their best work.

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