In recent years there has been a slow sweeping phenomenon in the world of athletic training that has made its mark as not only one of the most unique pieces of training equipment available but also allegedly one of the most effective.
The Elevation Training mask is a modified Israeli civilian gas mask with three varying nose pieces which screw onto the original gas mask filter adapter in order to restrict and provide resistance to the respiratory system. The purpose of the mask is to improve athletic anaerobic performance and this is how it does it: The mask claims to replicate the effects of high altitude training which is the principle that an athlete who trains in a oxygen restricted environment will cause their body to physiologically change and thus improve performance at sea level.
The mask is a light weight rubber that ergonomically fits on the face and must be balanced with the correct fit. The mask also features a voice box within the exhaust valve which allows for speech to be audibly heard while talking in the mask with very little hindrance in volume and quality.
There are five adjustable elastic straps that clamp on to small multiple grommets on the mask. There is also a rectangular elastic pad that is meant to be angled on the back of the head to provide the best fit. In order to fit the mask, place your chin in the cup at the bottom of the mask and place the mask over your face while simultaneously pulling the straps over your head. The first thing you’ll notice when you put the mask on is that you sound like Darth Vader. Sparring, pads, bag work, weights and cardiovascular exercises with the mask are exceptional and are not hindered in anyway by the mask due to it’s slim light weight profile and field of vision.
The most remarkable benefit of using the mask, aside from the previously mentioned characteristics, is one that is not even really advertised by the company: its effect on the lungs. When using the mask, start with the yellow nose piece for a several weeks and begin to increase the resistance after approximately four weeks. The mask costs $89.99 directly from Elevation and is at the upper end of the price range for these types pulmonary resistance devices. The first issue is that instructions could be included with regard to cleaning, fitting and care.
The Elevation Training Mask takes the undergound concept of gas mask training and makes it accessible in a revolutionary product that helps improve athletic performance through increase of pulmonary capabilities and bodily oxygen levels.
The device is called the Elevation Training Mask and it has taken the mixed martial arts world by storm and has been showcased by world champion fighters: Sean Sherk, Rashad Evans, and Wanderlei Silva. The Israeli civilian gas mask is a very common well fitting mask that is not only slim and lightweight but also has excellent weight distribution while being worn.

On the front of the mask there is an intake adapter where the nose piece screws in and directly below it there is an exhaust vent.
It requires a additional special adapter straw and is generally reserved for when the mask is used during tactical application.
The straps are easily adjusted on the fly by simply pulling on the ends of each strap to tighten and by angling the buckles to loosen.
The jet fighter mask covers your nose and mouth which prevents hot air from the respiratory process from backing up into the mask and thus fogging of the eye lenses. This is where it gets tricky: Do not over tighten the straps or the internal jet fighter mask will become too depressed against the skin and therefore cause the mask to fog. The lungs are almost always the weak point during exercise due to the inability to resistance train them in the same manner that you would do with other areas of your body.
Additionally feel free to vary resistance such as using the red cap for weight training and orange for cardiovascular training. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. The theory behind the mask is that if you restrict the level of oxygen you can improve athletic performance in a multitude of ways.
Additionally the mask claims to cause a slight increase in carbon dioxide to improve performance through the Bohr Effect, which states that a increase of carbon dioxide in blood causes decreased affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen and therefore more available oxygen. The mask has small rubber internal disk valves that open and close with the corresponding flow of respiratory gas so that air only comes in through the top vent and out through the lower vent. The top lateral sides of the internal mask have two diaphragm vents that further limit any exhaled hair from reaching the eye mask area. So first, lightly tighten each of the lateral straps two at a time and then lastly pull on the top strap just enough to keep your chin in the cup. The mask provides the aforementioned intake resistance with correlation to the attached nose piece but there is also a slight resistance upon exhalation as well. You’ll have to slow your breathing down and take deep heavy breaths in between sets in order to oxygenate your body.
The mask actually strengthens your pulmonary muscles and will give your lungs a slight sore feeling due to the resistance after each use. With the use of the mask over six weeks- training capacity, endurance, and lung efficiency definitely improved significantly.

The positives of the mask are very beneficial to athletic performance but given the components it would be more accessible at a slightly reduced price. Overly tightening the mask will not only cause discomfort and headaches but it will cause the mask to fog constantly due to a poor seal. The mask slows your breathing down by requiring you to take large, deep breaths due to the resistance. Cardiovascular activities are very similar in dynamics to resistance exercises but require you to maintain your focus and breathing pattern no matter what the level of intensity.
It made cardiovascular and strength training more efficient by allowing for a very prominent increase in endurance capability in every activity. Now due to the fact that you will be breathing heavily in the mask, there will be a tremendous amount of moisture present after it’s use.
Working out with the mask is extremely motivating by providing a tunnel-vision-like-focus effect on the task at hand and restricting distractions due to having to focus on your breathing.
One thing you will notice is that no matter how hard you work and no matter what you do, the mask will only let you take deep resisted breaths which helps you pace yourself. Through these improvements in performance, the mask allowed for an increase in lung capacity, ability to hold your breath, and resulted in naturally deeper clear breathing when the mask was off.
SwoleScience took this mask through a rigorous six week training regime and these are the real world results, as well as how to use the mask, clean it, fit it, and train with it. Since the mask only comes with three wipes and the company does not sell any additional ones on their site, the best way to clean the mask is to put a few drops of mild soap in the mask and rise it under lukewarm water allowing the soap to fill the mask. This mask is recommended not only for athletes but for those who want to increase their lung muscle resistance and capacity.
Swish the water around washing the mask with your hands, and finally rinse until soap is no longer present. This mask forces you to slow down your breathing no matter how hard the workout gets and to take deep labored breaths. Keeping the mask on truly helps build a level of mental strength as you will have to keep it on for any benefit, and every natural instinct in your body will be telling you to rip it off.

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