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Office Dynamics International awarded two organizations its Star Achievement Series® training program (Level 1) in support of Administrative Professionals.
Office Dynamics International, the globally recognized authority for administrative training and development, made two sizable in-kind donations in the month of March.
To participate, organizations had to submit application materials describing why the training is needed and pledging leadership support. MetLife and Texas Children’s Hospital were both selected to receive the Star Achievement Series® Level 1 Trainer’s Kit. The Star Achievement Series® is Office Dynamics’ flagship training program for Administrative Professionals currently taught in companies like Procter & Gamble, Cisco and Kindred Healthcare. The winners of this generous donation were announced just before the first of April, kicking off a month-long celebration in honor of Administrative Professionals Week, which starts on April 25. Since 1990, Office Dynamics International has been the global industry leader in the development and presentation of sophisticated executive and administrative assistant training, coaching and resources. Office Dynamics’ experience and expertise in the administrative training industry are unparalleled.
I feel the Admins at my company are far and above any others because of the Star Achievement program. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In my previous blog, I have discussed about what is Sustainable Development and how is it beneficial to organizations.
As discussed, although implementing the sustainability strategies is not an easy task, a well-planned and integrated sustainability practice into business activities helps to reduce the risk and increases business profitability, competitive advantage.
Training employees about sustainability will be a great challenge for any management or human resources team as employee engagement plays an important role to make a business sustainable. To give you an idea on how an eLearning on sustainability looks like, we have designed an eLearning course for one of our reputed clients, touching important aspects of Sustainability, how it supports organizations brand and mission to make planet more productive, values of ethics & integrity and how it brings values to the business, employees and communities.

Our Instructional Designers discerned the right information to address both the learners and used various strategies to support onscreen with visuals in an effective way. We maintained consistent style in presenting the content and ensured that the learners focus on the course content.
On-screen text was self-explanatory and even the images created by us complemented the learning material. We used apt images for the content that helped the learners in understanding the content quickly.
To explain the topics more effectively, we created info-graphs and icons that engaged the learners. Audio was kept to minimum in the screens which had self-explanatory text, and explanatory audio was given to the screens which had animations.
Thus eLearning can play a very important role in raising sustainability awareness in organizations and helps to Increase the competitive edge and profitability, build brand reputation and reduce costs. The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe is organizing the 10th Africa-Europe Training Course for Youth Organizations, which will take place in Nairobi-Kenya, from 25th January to 1st February 2015.
The course will also provide an excellent space for strategic networking, finding partners and promoting intercultural dialogue and learning; these dimensions will be encouraged by the team of trainers. As a pioneer in the field, Office Dynamics has been a vocal advocate for the education of Administrative Professionals for over 25 years.
With three levels of proficiency, the program is based around a four-competency philosophy: Attitude, Skill, Teamwork and Strategy. Additionally, Office Dynamics will offer a first-of-its-kind scholarship for their nearly sold-out 23rd Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence.
We offer a broad range of solutions that create behavior change and produce sustainable results.
We have crafted and refined a unique line of premier educational products and training programs that boost success for progressive employers and enterprising administrative professionals, secretaries, and support staff.
We are thrilled that you were able to take part in this program and that your company valued the role of the administrative assistants enough to offer this training.

Kansas is fortunate to have CMHCs and participating organizations who collaborate to bring the best services to children and their families. In case you missed the previous post, here it is How is Sustainable Development beneficial to organizations. This shows a need for on-going training on sustainability in organizations in order to keep the employees with the changing business environment and shifting talent needs.
It helps improve employees and management’s knowledge and develop skills on sustainability. We have used effective instructional strategy and visual strategy and presented the content in an engaging and interesting way.
The training course will gather 20 youth workers from Europe and Africa and is organised in partnership with the European Youth Forum, the Pan African Youth Union and the Network of International Youth organizations in Africa. In support of its mission, Office Dynamics held a contest to identify a deserving organization and award the administrative staff with the Star Achievement Series® Level 1 Trainer’s Kit (valued at $24,000.00). The award of the Level 1 Trainer’s Kit provides the winning organizations with all of the materials and intellectual property required for delivering the first four workshops in the program. In this blog, I would like to share how sustainability in organizations is achieved through training.
By Introducing organizations policies and procedures to employees it will empower people to implement new practices effectively, produce better results and move organization closer to achieve its goals. Therefore to develop a training to train worldwide employees in less time and which is cost effective ELearning can be an effective tool to develop on-line training on sustainability.

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