In the last couple of years, I’ve been thinking a lot about periodization of intensity. In digging into the research a little deeper, it appears that the decline is most rapid in those who seldom challenge their anaerobic systems.
It appears that up until about age 35 fitness above the anaerobic threshold is maintained with little need for focused training. There’s nothing wrong with doing a great deal of that as there are, indeed, fitness benefits that still occur peripherally with such training (for example, greater capillarization of the primary muscles of the sport). Let’s take a look at what that may entail when it comes to Base training starting by dividing training intensity into three rather broad zones (note that this is not the common intensity breakdown which usually involves 5 to 7 zones). Using these three zones, how might an athlete allocate his or her workout intensity over the course of a season using a mixed training concept?
Please understand that this is just an example for an advanced, fictional athlete who we otherwise know nothing about—gender, age, sport, race type, limiters, or anything else. The point here is that the athlete in the example is doing workouts that have a broad range of intensities from below the aerobic threshold to well above the anaerobic threshold.
In the Specific Prep (Build) period the athlete is doing 10 percent of weekly training in zone 3. The zone 3 session now has longer work intervals and more total time at and above the anaerobic threshold. KAMLOOPS - Sun Peaks Resort is cashing in on a lack of snow in Italy and France with the Canadian National Ski Cross team choosing Sun Peaks as its pre-Christmas training camp. World Cup ski cross events were cancelled in the European countries due to a lack of snow but the conditions at the Nancy Greene International Training Centre in Sun Peaks are excellent. Olympic champion Marielle Thompson and teammate Georgia Simmerling are both training at Sun Peaks along with two-time World Cup winner Dave Duncan, Sochi Olympians Brady Leman, Chris Del Bosco, Louis-Pierre Helie, Ians Deans and Tristan Tafel.
In the past week, 20 centimetres of snow has fallen at the top of the Sunburst Express chairlift. Editor, In March I wrote in this column about the ongoing debates in Parliament around medical aid in dying, brought on by the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling in the Carter case. Candice Kashani graduated from law school debt-free this spring, thanks to a modern twist on an age-old arrangement. KELOWNA - Two people were sent to hospital and another taken into custody after a crash involving eight vehicles Sunday. KAMLOOPS – RCMP are warning drivers to not travel on the Coquihalla Highway this afternoon after bad weather caused numerous crashes.
VERNON - Police are asking for the public’s help in locating a young man missing from Vernon. MERRITT - The driver of a small car is dead after running into a broken down commercial vehicle on the side of the highway this morning.
VERNON - The federal government is being urged to show some gratitude to auxiliary police officers. CHERRYVILLE - Police are keeping mum on the details of an alleged kidnapping incident in Cherryville. The first race of the season should be selected so that it provides a low-key avenue to allow you to get back into competing.
Single sport races like running and masters swim meets can provide early season motivation.
Since your first race should be one that is not a high priority, this is the time make sure your pre-race nutrition (dinner the night before and race morning breakfast) work well for you. This approach should transition to you arriving at the race site with adequate time for number pick up and  warm up. Finally, racecraft includes your finish line tactics and using your strengths right to the end.
Your first triathlon of the year is an excellent opportunity to have a dry run through an entire event prior to your A event.
Triathletes train a lot and racing is a nice reward and chance to enjoy hard earned fitness.
LifeSport head coach Lance Watson has coached a number of Ironman, Olympic Games and Age Group Champions over the past 25 years.

It started when I was reading research on the aerobic capacity declines common in 50+ year-old endurance athletes for a book I was writing- Fast After 50. Yet endurance athletes have traditionally focused their training in the Base period almost exclusively on central adaptations. I’m notoriously well known for having athletes do lots of aerobic threshold work in the Base period. The following table provides an example of a mixed, time-by-zone distribution in traditional, linear periodization for a hypothetical athlete. In the General Prep (Base) period our imaginary athlete is averaging only about 3 percent of his or her training at or above the anaerobic threshold.
This is when anaerobic training typically starts in a traditional, linear periodization plan. So such weekly workouts may call for a mix of 30 second work intervals at 150 percent of FTP, 3 minute intervals at 120 percent of FTP, and 12 minute intervals at FTP. I can’t say for certain, but my inclination is that there is something to at least consider here. The ergometer incorporates user-friendly functions for easy transfer of the ergometer training data to the training platform TrainingPeaks.Once the Cyclus2 is embedded in a network with internet access the training data can be uploaded to the TrainingPeaks server right after finishing the ergometer training.
For many triathletes, your first triathlon is still a few months off, but racing is not limited to simply triathlons. Many regions have a great series of running races that allow you to have a spring run focus before multisport races get underway. You may prefer to race off the front or you may like to hang back a bit and build your pace over the distance. Keep in mind that during early races, your event should on the lighter side to remove pressure if mistakes are made.
If only one race is possible before the goal event, racing on a course with similar terrain and conditions will provide a similar expected experience. If you are looking to try new gear, field tests early in the year remove pressure if the equipment doesn’t work out as hoped. Use this first race to evaluate your performance and pacing strategies and be honest with yourself.
But research also reveals that even highly trained endurance athletes over the rather youthful age of 35 lose both aerobic and anaerobic capacity at an average rate of about 8 percent per decade. At first these declines occurring after about age 35 are rather small, but the older you get the greater they become. The problem is that completely avoiding anaerobic training during this long period of training promotes a loss of much of one’s peripheral muscular power. You only need to add a few minutes of such high intensity intervals per week in your base period to maintain your anaerobic and aerobic capacities. Only now the athlete doesn’t have to slowly start from scratch to allow for a lengthy adaptation to high intensity after several weeks away from it. The server access code is entered together with the athlete’s data and saved on the system.
Use your first race of the year to evaluate the process and don’t be afraid to take a chance here and there. This should encompass everything regarding the race from race course recognisance and travel considerations (which may be simply a 30 minute drive in the car and parking) to your evening pre-race meal, early morning wake up call, race tactics, and more. Some racers can eat only an hour before a race while others need more time to fully digest their meal.
Some athletes work with others and use energy in a positive way, while others prefer to battle right from the outset. This will help make sure all the boxes have been ticked during preparation and will highlight any changes that need to be made.
An early season cold water swim could illustrate the need for ear plugs and a neoprene cap during your event. By getting a race well in advance of a goal event it will allow an athlete to make changes and improvements in preparation. Not doing anaerobic workouts at all for several weeks means you will lose anaerobic fitness and then have to devote a significant amount of time to rebuilding the related systems once you move beyond the Base period.

The Base period is still heavily devoted to training at and below the aerobic threshold (using heart rate, that’s roughly 30bpm or so below your anaerobic threshold). The big difference is that the athlete was able to achieve more in this period than had he or she avoided all anaerobic training in the Base period due to starting it at a higher level of anaerobic fitness.
The Cyclus2 is fitted with a network connection (Ethernet) as a standard feature in order to enable network related tasks. This could be your first race ever, or simply the first real competition since shifting to winter mode.
Besides putting in a hard physical effort, the process is about mentally approaching the event with a plan.
If you have been working on swim or run speed that first race is a good test of where things stand. Toe covers, arm warmers, and a vest on the bike can make the difference between completing the bike and shivering in the back of a support vehicle. This poignant history, and the unique perceptions I’ve drawn from it, are what I bring to this writing. So what this means is that the standard zone 3 workout in Base may be something such as 3 sets of 4 to 6 x 20 to 30 seconds ranging in intensity from 100 percent to 150 percent of Functional Threshold Power (FTP) with 20 to 30 second recoveries between intervals and 2 minutes between sets.
It can be complemented with a WiFi-adapter as accessory on request.Furthermore can the training data be converted in to the PeaksWare PWX-format and exported to the USB-memory stick. Everyone has their own plans and goals for their A race, and this must be considered before you select your first race of the year.
Within an 8 to 10 week window choose two to four events of varying distances leading up to a meaningful early season goal run race. Disease has become a teacher of love and wholeness for me.Disease transformation is the naturopathic shifting of our perception and experience of a disease. This may be done once weekly with another weekly session of 3 x 4 minute work intervals with 1 minute recoveries done at FTP. When setting up your multisport schedule, the first triathlon of the season should be a minimum of six to eight weeks before your A race, and preferably more. These aren’t terribly hard workouts but they are laying the foundation for some harder anaerobic training to come- and are helping to maintain peripheral muscular power. It’s a great way to test fitness as well as to see where pacing strategies need work or adjustment. Loving all parts of our selves, including the diseased parts, yields only love and renewal.Disease transformation occurs below the cognitive mind, where a history of traumatic conflicts is locked in the body. By tapping into our most meaningful and primal energy vortex, we can access a potent resource for our journey toward wholeness. The idea is to focus on performing each portion of the race technically well, tuning into your body. When energies are awakened and allowed for, the healing transformation is an organic, gentle process.Focalizing for Disease Transformation allows a lightness to fill the air.
Though subtle, this kind of shared pleasurable experience and energy expression is very restorative. It can benefit anyone who is in a crisis of consciousness, or in a state of feeling stuck, or feels trapped by life’s circumstances, including disease.
We reconnect with a natural resource that conveys new perspectives, often illuminating previously unseen possibilities for moving forward with grace.
In learning how to transform overwhelming life situations we can suspend our everyday thinking-mind to a timeless source of change. Michael Picucci brings decades of investigation and experience to his practice of Psychotherapy, Focalizing and Consulting.

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