As important for digital console manufacturer DiGiCo as the quality of its products is the support and education it provides its customers, with the company running a series of well-attended training seminars both at its UK headquarters and around the globe.
DiGiCo (UK) Limited brings together the design and development skills and digital engineering expertise that have helped create some of the world's most popular, successful and ground-breaking digital audio solutions. Hr management training courses in jakarta, indonesia, Human resources ( hr ) management training courses in jakarta, indonesia by the indonesian hr professionals (ihrp) society, jakarta, indonesia.
ELM Law recommends Newground’s Legislation Update Service which provides online monthly updates and summaries of all new UK environmental legislation. ELM Law is a trading name of Elm (Environmental Law) Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 8290905.
The staff at Christian Families Today regularly conducts seminars and training at our office.
In this seminar, Greg and Connie share the basic biblical principles for having a life-long, joy-filled marriage. The Grow In Grace Seminar has been designed to teach others how to consistently experience God's love, joy, and peace in the midst of life's busyness & stress.
The Advanced Discipleship Training a two part in-depth classroom and experiential training program designed to provide a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the believer's identification in Christ, and how to build biblically healthy relationships based upon these truths.
We have conducted over 500 training programs, seminars, and workshops in major cities and towns in India addressed to corporates, businesspersons, executives, financial institutions, Banks, and development agencies. We also design and conduct objective-oriented corporate in-house training programs tailor-made to suit specific corporate needs.
Our organisation has played a catalysta€™s role in the development of entrepreneurs in a number of ways.
Entrepreneurship development programmes for science & technology graduates, women, ex-servicemen, PMRY beneficiaries, and voluntary retired persons.
The programmes have so far covered over 10,000 persons from different socio-economic strata in Tamilnadu. Entrepreneurship education is a lifelong learning process, starting as early as elementary school and progressing through all levels of education, including adult education.
Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs) are designed to train and develop professionals in entrepreneurship development so that they can act as resource persons in guiding and motivating young S&T persons to take up entrepreneurship as their career. ITCOT conducts seminars on topics of contemporary industry and business topics regularly to promote investment ideas among Banks, financial institutions, research institutions, corporate, entrepreneurs, equipment suppliers, and consultants. Business meets provide opportunities for one-to-one interaction among participants to facilitate seller-buyer interaction, explore investment and business opportunities, to enable technology transfer or tie-up, to select the right plant and equipment, to evolve market entry strategies, and so on.

As part of our industrial promotion endeavour, ITCOT is implementing the Rural Industries Programme (RIP) in Salem and Erode districts with the sponsorship of Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI). Assistance in getting fiscal incentives and concessions such as investment subsidy, concessional power tariff, etc. Formation of Producersa€™ Associations Well-equipped project offices are functioning in Salem and Erode to take care of the RIP implementation.
We have conducted over 300 training programs, seminars, and workshops in major cities and towns in India addressed to corporates, businesspersons, executives, financial institutions, Banks, and development agencies. Last summer, training seminars were a regular part of my current job as a consumer electronics salesperson.
The first and most common type of training seminar I’ve attended for my job is hosted by a prolific electronics manufacturer such as Panasonic, Yamaha or Denon, just to name a few. The second type of seminar I’m required to attend is hosted by someone from our own company, such as an experienced manager or district manager. The length of a training seminar varies depending on the number of companies presenting and the material being presented.
Attending these events can sometimes feel like a tedious jumping-through-hoops exercise, especially when they are unpaid (as mine are), but be patient! If you are interested in attending one of our seminars, you can view the upcoming schedule here. This is not just another performance based seminar but a life transforming experience empowered by the Holy Spirit to all who believe. According to an assessment of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India at Ahmedabad, around 35 percent of the trainees have set up own enterprises.
The standards and their supporting performance indicators are a framework for teachers to use in building appropriate objectives, learning activities, and assessments for their target audience, namely, students of science and engineering colleges, polytechnics, and entrepreneurship. Faculty development programmes provide the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills to help develop entrepreneurs in their respective institutions. These events are organized for the benefit of producers, sellers, buyers, exporters, importers, technology providers, equipment suppliers, consultants, institutions, and such other.
RIP is an integrated enterprise promotion strategy through provision of project consultancy and support services to prospective entrepreneurs in rural and semi-urban areas. RIP is making meaningful contributions in the growth and development of rural enterprises in the above districts. At each event, we get to learn about all kinds of new products, including some that haven’t been released on the market yet.

The purpose of these is to provide training on how to perform better on the job (the most recent one I attended was entitled “Maximizing Sales During the Busy Season”). Some are only a couple of hours long, but I attended one that was seven hours long because representatives from five different companies had to take turns presenting.
Most of them are totally worthwhile; you’ll learn a lot of useful stuff, and you just may get some free perks thrown in as well.
The seminar consists of 6 sessions and the usual format is designed to take place over a weekend retreat. This insightful, yet practical seminar is commonly scheduled on Friday night and Saturday format. So far, we have promoted over 300 enterprises with strong technology and market linkages under the RIP.
In November and December, however, we were left alone to focus on sales—this is the “busy season” in the consumer electronics world.
The company representative will usually demonstrate a product after talking about the key features that make it so appealing.
Some of the mantras recited during this type of training session are redundant and overly obvious (for example, “Always be closing” is the same as saying “SELL MORE THINGS!”), but most of the tips provided are actually quite helpful.
The sessions were rounded off with a Mixing Master Class from Bracey, where he demonstrated why the SD7 is his console of choice and emphasizing the use and value of features such as snapshots when using digital consoles. We also help institutions in organizing specific in-house programmes for institutions and its faculty members to foster entrepreneurial culture. Since I was recently informed by my boss that corporate training seminars are resuming next month, I thought I’d share my thoughts on these interesting events and provide some insight for anyone considering a job in sales. Participation is a big part of these seminars; the rep will often ask for volunteers to try out a feature that’s being discussed, or will ask questions to ensure that everyone is paying attention. Typically, a shorter training seminar means cookies and coffee, whereas more elaborate lunches (e.g.
After the presentation is over, the rep usually provides salespeople with statistic sheets and, if you’re lucky, some free “swag” for attending—I’ve gotten everything from t-shirts to a set of rather expensive headphones.

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