Hr management training courses in jakarta, indonesia, Human resources ( hr ) management training courses in jakarta, indonesia by the indonesian hr professionals (ihrp) society, jakarta, indonesia. Below is a list of all seminars offered by Cutting Edge Training provides to the prepared civilian. Manufacturing News is a monthly metalworking manufacturing publication that informs over 100,000 monthly readers of manufacturing solutions and new technology and the application of that technology in precision machining, production machining, fabricating of metals and composite materials. This one-day clinic is designed specifically for CrossFit boxes that have members who are interested in moving up the spectrum of skill and strength but are not sure how. Other topics include smart injury prevention, workout strategy, Olympic lifting and much more. Well without a doubt, we had nothing but an outstanding full day of lifting and learning from an actual Masters Games athlete and everyone who attended, young and old, male and female all told us that they were thrilled with the event. I attended a CrossFit seminar thinking “What will, Pat McCarty, a three time Masters Competitor, teach me so I can be better than “everyone” else.” I was excited because I like to win.
The moral of my story…………………….I walked out of the seminar wanting to be better than “I” was yesterday. I left that seminar feeling like I could conquer any WOD or any challenge that life put in front of me. Having Patrick come to our gym helped not only CrossFit Ammo as a whole, he personally helped me with my CrossFit journey.
I must admit that I was quite worried spending a full day on a CrossFit-related seminar and not benefitting from it.
Little did I know that Patrick’s seminar was the answer I truly needed to completely change my mindset about CrossFit.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This fantastic seminar highlights 5 strategies that, when applied, allow your members to advance.
I would love to bring my 2-time Games experience to your box for this fun, informative, and very beneficial clinic. I read Pat’s flier for his seminars and knew that “I” would enjoy having him conduct a seminar, but would my box members feel the same?
On a personal note I felt like I got my money’s worth from just the first phase of the seminar before we even began doing any lifting, just listening was enough for me! You don’t have to be 100% Paleo, or deadlift 500, or box jump 36 inches, but you do have to have a plan to succeed. I’ve always thought I knew how to tackle a certain goal I had for myself until, thankfully, Patrick proved me otherwise. I am your typical CrossFit athlete who is skeptical, does almost everything scaled just because it is “safer”, and always finishes in the middle to top-half of the class.
Patrick’s seminar brought a much needed awareness in me on my performance as a CrossFit enthusiast. As we were warming up Pat coached me to correct 2 things: wider grip on bar so that my knees could be wider and to let go of the bar once it was cleaned so my elbows could be higher and my chest would lift up.
Pat opened my eyes to things I can do,  and strategies I can plan to help me get more out of that hour I spend at the gym every morning. I had this mediocre goal of mastering everything scaled and did not really care about stepping up my game.

His discussion is well-structured, fun, interactive, and his 5 strategies are progressive and conclusive. He has a way of making you feel like a competitor even if you can only squat clean 65 pounds. I have been working on it day in and day out but I never had a thorough plan and I was not making any progress. Fear was definitely a factor, mostly because I did’nt really know my potential and was not knowledgeable at all in improving my goals and my performance. I have zero desire to be a competitor and my trademark at my box is being the slowest and weakest 5 AM-er!
Patrick helped me devise a plan to overcome this mountain I had in front of me and with every day I am getting closer and closer to getting that ring muscle up. No other shoulder fired weapon can put more rounds downrange with a higher hit probability and greater lethality than a shotgun.
We show you how to maximize your tactical and combative shotgun skills in the only application we teach: combat against an Imminent Threat. Length: 8-hoursFemale Handgun Personal ProtectionThis course provides a basic to intermediate skill training for the female shooter who is either licensed to carry a concealed handgun, or intends to use a handgun for personal and family defense in the home.

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