Roca Sport Bite Suits, Scratch Pants, Scratch Aprons, Trial Jackets and Training Vests are making a name for themselves the world over for durability, quality and aesthetic design.
If not already signed up, please tick this box to sign up to emails for exclusive previews, savings and offers. Super stylish training vest top in a fashionable mullet design, made from a slightly transparent fabric with the brands DryCELL technology. The service dog in training vest I bought is a great fit and he looks really handsome with it on.

This training cape is a light weight identifying cape that is superbly sturdy in structure. This training cape is lined with a smooth non-clinging finished fabric so that the dog will not feel any restriction or friction while getting accustomed to wearing a working vest or harness.
That vest has also stopped a lot of the questions and doubt about the dog when I would take him into a business. The purpose of this vest is to get a new service dog used to wearing the service equipment that it will eventually be working in.

There is also a reflective safety strip that runs over the back and down both sides of the cape making it highly visible. Being disabled, it was hard for me to keep him from not pulling before but now he looks like he has been at my side for years.

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