Getting to this place took a lot of work and a drastic change of how I perceive myself and the world. An overwhelming amount of women (and even men) struggle with a bad and unhealthy body image. This guide shows you how to regain a positive, healthy and even loving relationship with your body. A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE accompanying the book with additional exercises and added tips and tricks! A MAKE YOUR HOME A BODY IMAGE SAFTEY ZONE Guide with step-by-step tips to transform your home in order to help you let go of all your insecurities! A BONUS VIDEO motivating you to believe in yourself, in your body and your abilities to stand out in this world! If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with this product, you will get your money back within the first 30 days after your purchase. So, there is simply no reason not to give your body a second chance and your life a new twist.
By consciously making small changes daily you can transform your perspective and your life.
41. Schedule in regular periods of reflection where you can acknowledge what is working in your life, and gain insight on what may not be working so well. 46. Consciously look for the commonality between yourself and others rather than differences. We all know that being grateful and appreciative is very beneficial, but have you ever thought of gratitude as one of the top life skills? In the face of challenges or mounting demands on your time, do you find it difficult to remain grateful and appreciative?
This may, or may not be your natural tendency, but with practice, all of us can certainly develop a predominate attitude of gratitude backed up with true expressions of appreciation. When trying to cultivate a greater sense of gratitude in your life, you should seek out those whose dominant tendency is positive and upbuilding. Once we’ve taken steps to surround ourselves with a more positive group of people, what should we do next? Seems that an overly sensationalized news media has managed to influence popular opinion toward fear and negativity. It can be very difficult to resist adopting a negative viewpoint when you are surrounded by it. I want to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU for making Advanced Life Skills the success that it is today. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Mindset Shift Mr Glenn Lim Public Speaker, Lecturer, Curriculum Developer and Master Trainer. MindsetA set of beliefs and a way of thinking, which drives our attitudes and behaviour, and ultimately determine outcomes. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. However, I spent the year 2011 recovering from my eating disorder and starting to fall in love with my body again. It will enable you to get to know yourself and your true desires and it will make you fall in love with the body that has always been there for you.

In this guide, you will learn a lot about yourself and about the way your thoughts and your behaviors make you feel bad about you appearance.
This message can be watched and listened to over and over again whenever you feel frustrated, sad, stuck or disappointed. Make a list of things you are grateful for. The more you appreciate the blessings in your life, the more blessings there will be to appreciate.
Learn to let love in by allowing compliments to land without deflecting them, accepting help when you need it, and giving yourself permission to receive love as well as give it. Pause for five seconds before you react to any person or situation. Pausing will give you an opportunity to choose a loving and empowering response instead of reacting on autopilot. Reflect on your media consumption and decide to consume articles and programs that serve your highest good. It is humble, not arrogant, to accept that you are a divine creation of the Universe and you are inherently worthy. Write a list of all of your passions and interests and simple pleasures — and prioritise them as much as doing the laundry or grocery shopping. Dedicate each day to love and kindness. Ask yourself each morning: How can I serve the cause of love today? Accept things that fall outside your circle of control — like the weather, long line at the grocery store or opinion of others. Discover your gifts and talents. You were not blessed with your gifts to keep them to yourself. Take good care of your body with water, nourishing foods, movement and rest — it is the only home you have for your soul on this earth. We are literally surrounded by all forms of abundance on this earth — just think of an apple tree in blossom, blades of grass in a park, or grains of sand at the beach.
Identify more with your soul than your body or mind — your soul is your true and eternal nature. Give yourself permission to play more and have fun. Laughter and play are not just for children. Be the presence of the alternative in this world — be the presence of love, compassion, peace, forgiveness and possibility.
You can actually transform your life by training  yourself to search for, discover, and focus on legitimate reasons to feel grateful and appreciative. No matter where we are, and regardless of what we might be going through, there are always things we can be grateful for.
It’s also a good idea to avoid spending too much time with those who like to dwell on the negative. The habit of finding something to appreciate about every person, situation, or experience you encounter. How much has your perception been influenced by this constant bombardment of negative news?
To maintain a more grateful and appreciative perspective, we need to break away from the mentality of the masses and learn to think for ourselves. If someone you know persists in talking about negative things all the time, find a tactful way to tell them that you really don’t appreciate it. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, look for the beneficial aspects created by that situation. When other people sense that you appreciate them it changes the dynamic of your relationship with them.

I accepted the way I naturally look and I started to appreciate the miracle that my body is. You will find unique ways of thinking about your body, your value and your worth as a person and you will be able to implement these tips and tricks in your own life in order to work towards a more powerful you! You can dream up new possibilities for your beautiful life and then take inspired action to create them. Values are deep underlying motivators like connection, creativity, freedom, learning, adventure and joy. We are heavily influenced by those around us, so surround yourself with the dreamers, doers and uplifters. Fear is a natural part of growth and expansion so train yourself to feel the fear and act anyway. Everyone is doing their best from their level of awareness. You have not been appointed as boss of the Universe. Commit to living, working, eating, sleeping, playing, loving and creating in ways that feel right to you. Especially after a stressful day I find it hardest to let it go when I’m trying to sleep.
Gratitude belongs in the category of advanced life skills because it can completely transform you life. The benefits of learning to maintain genuine gratitude and appreciation in spite of what’s going on around us is well worth the effort. The challenge is to train ourselves to focus on gratitude, and to intuitively search for reasons to manifest appreciation. Choosing your associates wisely can really help us to cultivate a much greater degree of  gratitude and appreciation.
Even if the situation you are in seems to be 99% negative, could you challenge yourself to locate that 1% that is worthy of your appreciation? They may not even realize that they’re doing it, and you could be doing them a huge favor.
You leave wonderful comments that raise the level of conversation and provide deep insight. Nobody feels empowered around someone like that, especially since negative attitudes can infect those who are exposed to them regularly. They’ll be more inclined to do nice things for you because you appreciate their efforts.
Taste your food. The present moment is the only time we get to experience the gift of life. They are so intent on finding something that sparkles that they don’t even notice the piles of worthless sand and gravel.
We also need to be willing to take action to actively move away from sources that influence us in a negative way.
If you start and end each day with gratitude your whole life will shift in a more positive direction. There focus is on searching for that tiny, little, fragment of gold and their mind filters out everything else.

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