The Transformational Coaching Course is a thorough and rigorous program that will put you well on your way toward earning an International Coach Federation coaching credential.
This comprehensive course provides a solid foundation in fundamental coaching concepts, addressing their application in a variety of contexts, including personal coaching, executive coaching, and organizational coaching. Through authentic presence and effective communication, participants develop the ability to powerfully connect with clients. Instructors monitor student progress on an individual basis, offering guidance, feedback, and support that builds confidence and ensures subject mastery. Payment plans are available for two, three, or four payments by check beginning three weeks prior to the start of the program. We all want to live our lives in an authentic and unique way, where we can fulfil the highest truest expression of ourselves as human beings. According to The Dude Abide Principles which says that “there is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities”, and  the Alby Einsten  Principle completes it by adding that“ you, too, are a field of energy”, we are all connected with this field of infinite possibilities and we impact the field and draw from it according to our beliefs and expectations. Many Americans believe that stressful jobs and unfulfilling careers are normal and subsequently put off their visions for the future.
Up to 6 hard copy niche certificates at no additional cost for students residing in the United States.
Because we know you don’t want to let another day go by without pressing forward to start your Coach Training, we have membership available.
Coaching Skills and TechniquesLearn powerful coaching techniques to help your clients attain goals and become successful in life. Tools, Exercises, and ResourcesGet access to a library full of coaching tools, coaching exercises, resources, gifts and more to use with your clients. The image of the caterpillar morphing in the cocoon and the emergence of the transformed, glorious butterfly has been used as a symbol of change and transformation for thousands of years.

My coaching approach is aligned to the life cycle of a butterfly.  As your coach I provide the cocoon to contain your transformation, from seeking clarity to emergence, as you experience raised self-awareness, learning, expansion and growth, emerge, realise your potential and FLY! The caterpillar represents great potential.  Research and growing awareness lead to opening the mind and the realisation of your untapped potential and a willingness to explore new options.
Establishing the coaching agreement signifies the movement from caterpillar into chrysalis, opening the possibility for the inquiry process to begin and the beginning of the metamorphosis. The cocoon may be considered as a stage of ‘being’ and allowing your inner voice and wisdom to emerge, being in a state of acceptance, connecting with your inner self, rather than being busy doing.
You are now empowered to FLY and experience the freedom, enrichment, meaning and purpose that you desire, realising your true potential, and living life fulfilling your dreams. Graduates achieve a level of self awareness and advanced skill that enables them to facilitate client learning and meaningful change. Graduates take away the ability to create transformational change on a consistent basis, no matter the client or context.
This model is designed for all my clients, who are questioning themselves if there is more to life than what our eyes can see. There are moments when, most of us feel that there is more to life than what is seen through the window of our eyes. Leading visionary Mary Morrissey offers transformational life coaching that turns dreams into realities.
Guided by Morrissey and other renowned coaches, participants learn to eliminate self-doubt while refocusing their vision, to send out and attract specific, positive energy, and to access a never-ending source of ideas and solutions, all from a supportive, nurturing environment of fellow dream-building colleagues and friends.
Quantum physics defines the field as “invisible moving forces that influence the physical realm”. Focusing your full attention on the things you want to manifest in your live, and leave everything else a side.

We all have access to it, and we all have the power in us to impact the field and draw from it according to our beliefs and expectations. In this way we learn to limit ourselves and stay within our comfort zone, where we feel safe and secure. When you allow your heart and mind to connect with the infinite life force, that’s when you are the most resourceful, creative and powerful.
Albert Einstein for example, claimed no belief in the traditional God, but he was absolutely convinced there was something a whole juicier in the cosmos. In every shop that comes your way, in every magazine that you pick up, and all your friends seem to talk about it.
How can we grow and develop if we keep pacing up and down the same path where we feel the most comfortable?
We all spend a lot of energy worrying that we are not good enough or worthy enough and that we don’t have enough time. Training your mind to have the full attention focused on what you want needs a lot of willingness and awareness. However, the truth is that we are enough, and have enough time for the things that really matter in our lives.
And the reason why we control our lives is because every thought we have is an energy wave that affects everything else in the Universe.

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