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The Integral (AQAL) Model Internal and External Model of Development Solution Focused Coaching Sentic States The Storytelling Coach Thinking Environments Transformational Coaching Transformational Coaching Robert Hargrove, the author of Masterful Coaching, states that "coaching is about interacting with people in a way that teaches them to produce often spectacular results in their businesses". Trained as a Transformational Life Coach, I have mastered the skills of Love that will allow your life to be successful on your terms. Love is the foundation to a successful life.  Coaching in the area of love, I am able to provide you with the tools for life without self-judgment. Mission Statement: With the love of human service, our coaching supports growth with the belief that everyone can improve their quality of life while helping others to prevail.
Expertise alone is no longer enough to guarantee success in todaya€™s constantly changing world.
With Executive and Leadership Coaching, my goal for you is not just performance excellence where you thrive in your career. In a fast paced and ever-changing world, how do we deal with all the variables and integrate them into our life so we not only feel outwardly satisfied but inwardly fulfilled? Personal Coaching is a holistic way to explore the desires and issues in your life and then to integrate new patterns into every area of your life so you are fulfilled both in your personal and professional life - your relationships, your career, your physical health and your inner and spiritual well-being. SELF-GENERATING a€“ they gain insight to actions they can take that will better support their situation. These 2 elements lead to their long term excellence performance* where they embody the behavior and their way of being transforms. Designing practices to remove the obstacles, create new habits and transform you so your way of being changes for the long term.
Providing constant insight and the support needed to assist you as you go through breakdowns and breakthroughs. Listening deeply, understanding, and providing a safe place for you to open up fully so you can move forward. You gain insight and discover new ways of taking action and engaging in situations with others. You develop new habits that replace the old ones, allowing you to embody powerful new behavior patterns.

You experience a new way of being so you automatically take different action and your desired result is attained.
Because you develop the capacity and capability to deal more effectively with your immediate issues, you deal more effectively with the demands of others in your personal and professional life, and you do it in a way that engages and supports all involved. You are better able to lead others because you consistently model the values and behaviors that you want to see in yourself, your team and in your organizationa€™s culture.
With commitment to the coaching process, your performance improves significantly within a designated timeframe. You see the performance and business impact for yourself and others and you are able to quantify the value of coaching.
This dynamic transformational change will happen only in the context of authentic relationships that penetrate to the core of who we are and what we are to become. Understand the keys to breaking down the wall of separation between the ministry place and the marketplace. But if we're going to make the changes that will lead to personal and planetary sustainability, then we need to transform our very way of being in the world (triple-loop learning). Enabling people to create a shift in their context or point of view about themselves with the intent of helping them behave with integrity even in difficult, conflictual situations, and produce the results they truly desire.
The passions and goals you desire have the ability to manifest with time, trust, and techniques. The diagram, which is based on Hargrove's Transformational Coaching model on page 28 of Masterful Coaching, shows the relationship between these three learning loops.
This is adaptation at the level of behaviour or tactics - ie, if what the coachee is doing doesn't work, you help them explore other behaviours or tactics. This is adaptation at the level of your way of being and of seeing the world, and your self in it. If this doesn't deliver the results they need, then they may need to move to double-loop learning. Coaching people to think differently (double-loop learning).
The question you are helping the coachee explore is "How can I shift myself to a different way of being in this situation?". This shift in being or seeing can lead to a shift in thinking, goals and strategies, which in turns opens up new possibilities for behaving.

This is adaptation at the level of thinking or strategy, and involves helping the coachee examine their assumptions about the situation. By exploring different ways of thinking about the problem or situation, a whole new set of possible behaviours can emerge. You will also learn an Introductory module ‘NLP for coaches’ giving you additional cutting edge NLP* coaching skills to ensure your efficency and success as a coach.
There are two basic kinds of story - rut stories and river stories. Rut stories keep people in old ways of being and thinking patterns and result in inaction. River stories are generally those of personal growth, self-renewal and transformation. There are two main purposes to asking coaching questions in a coaching session 1) the purpose of gathering information and 2) asking questions for the purpose of guiding the client to explore their resources and gain new perspectives.What is the Phoenix Coaching Pack?The Coaching Cards Resource Pack has been designed specially for beginners in mind, designed to take them step by step through the stages of becoming a successful coach.
The coach seeks to transform rut stories into river stories by helping people realise that they are the authors of their stories and that they can choose to tell stories that open up new possibilities for themselves and support them in fulfilling their potential. The pack includes 6 sets of coaching cards, one set of prompt cards, a coaching worksheet and a step by step booklet guiding you smoothly through the stages of how to coach. The Coaching Pack is ideal for learning to coach in groups, coaching clients one to one and also designed for self coaching! You will be awarded a certificate on the successful completion of all the units for each of the three levels you attend.Benefits of the courseLearning to coach can be difficult.
As a beginner coach there are a lot of things that you need to concentrate on at the same time and to get right in order for you to get the results you and your client are looking for.Some beginner coaches give up learning in the early stages of being a coach as they slowly loose confidence realizing that coaching involves more skill and practice than they had originally thought. As a coach there’s so much information out there, so many things to learn, so many things to get right, it’s easy to get bewildered and confused not knowing where to focus and what to do to get the great results you’re looking for as a coach. Being a great coach involves thinking on your feet, knowing when to ask a question, knowing when to be quiet, knowing when to have a direct approach and knowing when to offer support and knowing where best to focus the client to help them to get the results they are looking for. And to be perfectly honest as a beginner all of this can be quite challenging and stressful.The Phoenix Transformational Coaching System™ will help you to make your early stages as a coach much easier and relatively stress free, giving you a proven system to follow that when followed will accelerate your learning and leave you free to focus more on the needs of the actual client rather than being overwhelmed with everything that you have to do as a coach!

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