Virtual group coaching group is a fun and powerful way to get a fresh perspective on you and your life. These coaching sessions help you tap into your inner wisdom about how to create a sacred space that will nourish your soul, at home or the office, creating harmony and balance, encouraging you to connect with your authentic self. If I asked you to drive your car a couple miles around town – and then come back here --how many of you are confident that you could do it? Trained as a Transformational Life Coach, I have mastered the skills of Love that will allow your life to be successful on your terms. Love is the foundation to a successful life.  Coaching in the area of love, I am able to provide you with the tools for life without self-judgment. Mission Statement: With the love of human service, our coaching supports growth with the belief that everyone can improve their quality of life while helping others to prevail. Fiona Jacob Cookie Policy: We use cookies to create the most secure and effective website possible for our readers. Imagine waking up every day feeling amazing, knowing you are doing what you love and experiencing creativity, calm, abundance, love and wellbeing in your life? Transformational Coaching is simply the art and science of awakening the whole of your potential.
Many coaches work from what we would call an ‘outside-in’ perspective, working with their clients on their external world issues and goals to achieve their best life possible. So….is is possible that there is another way to find and live our most wonderful life?
When you see these new possibilities, suddenly new ideas and actions unfold, you find you have more energy, you are more creative, you feel an increased sense of peace, calm and joy, you experience less stress and a lightening of the load.
In this paradigm you see that happiness leads to success, security leads to wealth, and your thoughts create your experience. The moment you glimpse the ‘inside-out’ nature of our human experience, you see that we are not interpreters of our reality, we are the creators of our reality.
I am a World Class Certified Master Transformational Coach and I invite you today to transform YOUR life!  Working together, you and I will uncover and awaken your true essence, illuminating your brilliance, wisdom and creativity so that you can live your most authentic, joyful and purposeful life with ease. Ready for a no-cost conversation and connection to explore your true direction and passion— for your work, life & legacy?

Would you like to receive regular tips and advice to assist you on your life’s journey towards happiness and achieving your life’s purpose?
Book a ConsultationMelody will assist you on a journey of self-discovery, understanding yourself, clearing-away obstacles and provide choices that will greatly enhance your Personal Development and Wellbeing allowing the freedom to live your life as you have always dreamt it to be … with tender loving care. This dynamic transformational change will happen only in the context of authentic relationships that penetrate to the core of who we are and what we are to become.
Understand the keys to breaking down the wall of separation between the ministry place and the marketplace. Many Americans believe that stressful jobs and unfulfilling careers are normal and subsequently put off their visions for the future. Are you ready to experience MORE of your greatness?  Lisa and her team have mentored and coached thousands of leaders to turn around their businesses, enjoy higher incomes and experience better lifestyles. It's time for YOU to get out of your own way and BE the breakthrough you've been waiting for. Join thousands of other heart-inspired brothers and sisters and start living your life of greatness. The ongoing support and encouragement you receive from the group is invaluable in creating new possibilities for your life. The “Visioning a New Life Story and Goal Setting – Creating a Life by Design not by Default” or “Evolving the Conscious Feminine” workshops. The passions and goals you desire have the ability to manifest with time, trust, and techniques. As a transformational coach I bring out the absolute best in you by assisting you to uncover and unleash your full magnificence into the world. We live our lives as if the better we can make our outside world, the better we will feel on the inside. Living this way we seem to continually get caught up in our insecurities, doubts, limiting beliefs and fears which are so familiar to us that we consider them normal, and yet hold us hostage in our lives.
Nobody has ever told us that our capacity for true peace of mind, a life with little or no stress, clarity, wisdom and naturally fulfilling relationships already exists within us and we just need to reconnect with it.
Instead of trying to do, create or get more, new or different stuff to make you feel better on the inside, I assist you to experience the most profound feeling of well-being available to you.

You follow your purest desires and wants and start to make better decisions that nourish the whole of your life. Suddenly life stops seeming so scary as you realise that there is nothing you need to do or get to be happy. I thank you for your kindness, your open-heartedness, your generosity of spirit, and for providing the loving space that held me as I discovered the essence of me and how I will move forward into realizing my very own grand life plan. Sign up to our newsletter and get free guidance from Melody to help you find balance in your life, achieve your goals, heal past wounds and genuinely find true inner happiness. Leading visionary Mary Morrissey offers transformational life coaching that turns dreams into realities. Guided by Morrissey and other renowned coaches, participants learn to eliminate self-doubt while refocusing their vision, to send out and attract specific, positive energy, and to access a never-ending source of ideas and solutions, all from a supportive, nurturing environment of fellow dream-building colleagues and friends. It seems that we never quite get to experience that illusive feeling of happiness, or peace of mind, no matter what we do, have, get or achieve. In fact the harder we work on changing our outside world to change the way we feel inside, the, the more lost we become, the more distant we get from our well-being and the more unhappy we feel. Any changes to be made in your life become obvious and while not always easy, are remarkably straightforward and the next steps are crystal clear.
In exploring your answer to this question we tap into your innate wisdom and resourcefulness which leads you to an inspired sense of your own possibility, power and potential. You will experience that living from the ‘inside out’, connected to your essence and wellbeing leads to amazing possibilities previously untouched and untapped. What affect does it have in the way I experience Continue Reading Keys To Reclaiming Kick-Ass Confidence!How confident are you? You free your mind of old limitations, habits and fears and you see with unimagined clarity of mind how you will create and live your best life. And becoming and being while dreaming, with no constraints, images of your ideal future can be fun and exciting!

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