The International Triathlon Coaching Association (ITCA) offers an online Triathlon Coach Certification Program, which now includes two special bonus gifts. The bonus gifts supplement the current curriculum, which includes setting and reaching goals and milestones, identifying and prioritizing races, constructing programs for both training and racing, identifying heart rate training zones as well as the science of kinesiology, biomechanics, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, nutrition, exercise physiology and sports psychology. The ITCA online triathlon coaching certification program, which follows all the rules and regulations of USA Triathlon, offers ongoing enrollment and is valid for two years. The International Triathlon Coaching Association (ITCA) is the triathlon certification division of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association or NESTA, formed in 2008 to be the leading source of triathlon coaching certification and business development for new and advancing triathlon coaches. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Beginning this spring, we will offer a weekly digest - a quick review of all the top triathlon news for Colorado in one easy-to-read, brief summary. We have the plan, we have the team, and our team will keep you motivated and accountable to putting in the work. We believe that everyone is an athlete and everyone deserves personalized elite coaching backed by data, technology, and support.
Austin’s successful athletic career spans from his distance running days at Katy High School to his days as a member of the Arizona State University Cycling and Triathlon team and now as a co-founder, co-owner of and coach at PR Endurance Sports.
Austin believes that any goal is achievable with a personalized plan, hard work and commitment. The only thing that Austin loves more than coaching is his wife, Angie Henderson Parker – also a coach at PR Endurance Sports. Some would say that his first love is data (which is true) but outside of the numbers – he’s a cycling and Fighting Irish fanatic.
An accomplished athlete, Angie fell in love with triathlons over 8 years ago after she raced her first Sprint Triathlon (Danskin Women’s Sprint Triathlon) and she never looked back. Angie loves coaching triathletes – from the rookie who just wants to finish a sprint distance to the veteran ironman. George is also a proud owner of PR Endurance Sports and believes that, “the PR Endurance family can help people and enhance their lives in so many ways. If asked, she would never confess to being a runner or a triathlete – just someone who likes to train with her friends.

Kay is a proud co-owner of PR Endurance Sports and can’t wait to help support each new and existing PRE athlete meet their goals. In a relatively short amount of time, Bryan has accomplished heights in his triathlon career that seldom see so quickly. Brian has over 33 years of experience as an endurance athlete – competing in hundreds of events from cross country and adventure racing to ultramarathons and Ironmans. Brian is a proud father and husband and he isn’t the only athletic superstar in his family.
An equally skilled cyclist and runner – Amber’s joy, outside of her husband Russell, is coaching!
Highly focused and discipline intense, these plans are customized for these athlete’s increased repetition and, potentially, higher racing frequency. PR Endurance Sports is proud to support JAY Endurance – Houston’s Non-profit Juniors and Youth Multisport Training club. Triathlon Europe was founded in 2007 and provides athlete centric multisport coaching and training for the triathlete requiring effective, scientific and proven training methods to improve performance and make significant progression from season to season. Company founder, Fiona Ford is a multiple age group European and World Champion triathlete at Olympic distance triathlon, with extensive knowledge in achieving world class results whilst working full time. Triathlon Europe pioneered and developed an athlete centric approach to triathlon training, where depth of experience and qualified expertise combine to ensure you are training with purpose and reaching your potential.
Whether you are motivated to achieve world class results, race for GB, move up to the Pro ranks or simply want to see a good return on your time, resource and energy investments to successfully finish your first Olympic distance triathlon, 70.3 or Ironman event, an individual approach to training instead of a one-size-fits-all training approach will yield success.
Join the triathlon conversation and find performance training tips, racing news and advice year round! The Prince Albert Triathlon Club will host its annual Winter Triathlon on February 21st from LIttle Red Park.
The interactive online training focuses on all aspects of holistic triathlon training and coaching. ITCA gives coaches the scientific tools for the best race results and business training for career growth.
And now, the International Triathlon Coaching Association’s (ITCA) Triathlon Coach Certification comes with two bonuses for participants: a complete packet of forms for assessments and overall program design, legal forms, logos and more as well as a free audio program on the business of triathlon coaching.

The triathlon coaching certification helps triathlon coaches construct programs for one-on-one coaching, group coaching, online coaching, clinics and retreats.
Since 1992, NESTA has been a leader in innovative solutions for sports and fitness professionals. Started in 1993, we have won 14 collegiate national championships through USA Triathlon (USAT), including the last four years (2010-2013). Amber claims that her water roots were born of necessity when her parents bought a home with a swimming pool.
True to her warm and genuine character, Amber is invested in the development of all of our athletes. This depth of understanding in progressive training extends to Ironman distance triathlon, where she raced in the Pro ranks and produced consistent  top ten finishes.
Whatever your experience or aspirations you have for your triathlon progression, having an individual approach to meet your requirements is a proven training methodology to consistently train without injury maintaining progression in tune with your ability, rate of adaptation and lifestyle factors which realistically influence the amount of time available to train. Understanding that improvement is rarely linear in multisport events, where so many variables exist from athlete to athlete such as physiology, biomechanics, technique across three individual sports, natural ability in any of these or time and access to training, is the first step to surpassing your goals. Now with more than 55,000 members in 55 countries, it is one of the largest fitness associations in the world, and the fastest growing association of its kind in the United States. Outside of this certification, we are looking for an enthusiastic individual, who exhibits leadership and integrity, and who is knowledgeable and passionate about the sport of triathlon. Whatever the catalyst – it set Amber on to become a competitive collegiate Division I swimmer and force in the triathlon community. Fiona has worked with world-class coaches as an athlete over a decade in the sport and has rigorously researched and developed her coaching expertise through ongoing professional development.
Following a training plan that prioritises quality over quantity provides a holistic and balanced approach to a lifestyle sport which in turn allows athletes to maintain full time jobs, family responsibilities and improve their quality of life and functioning at a higher level due to superior endurance and fitness markers for age.
She has worked intensively with hundreds of triathletes to produce Kona finishers, coach GB age group podium winners and develop dozens of 10 & 11 hour Ironman finishers (including first timers!).

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