Create unique record types that behave as a document template to capture and manage your organisation’s document templates in TRIM. Use this feature to establish a register of all organisational templates – they won’t get lost in the myriad of other regular documents created every day.
End users creating documents based on your templates will be directed to the latest Version of the template, when they double click, their new blank document will launch in the preferred format, ready to complete. You'll get our best articles, whitepapers, recordkeeping tips&tricks and exclusive offers in your inbox! For organisations with legacy systems, using Kofax and Sigma Data's in Kofax additions (TRIM Connect in Kofax, Imprinter in Kofax, Imports in Kofax and TRIM Imports in Kofax), organisations can bring paper based archives into the online environment.
Information Proficiency and Sigma Data can provide outsource assistance to your organisation.

Information Proficiency provides a range of training courses in HP Records Manager (TRIM), including HP RM 8 & HP TRIM 7. If you specify additional information, their document will even have a default printer setting and watermark! Ltd.) partners with other industry leaders to deliver a range of Information Management Solutions for HP Records Manager (formerly HP TRIM software). We provide technical support, technology, hardware (barcode scanners) and software including a range of add-ons to provide a complete solution for HP Records Manager (TRIM). HP Records Manager (TRIM) is an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) that manages electronic documents, efficiently and in accordance with legal obligations through retention and disposal schedules. Information Proficiency provide a range of HP Records Manager (TRIM) add-ons including Pictures in TRIM, Respond in TRIM, Logs in TRIM, Requests in TRIM, Imports in TRIM and Transmittals in TRIM.

Information Proficiency and Sigma Data (The Proficiency Group Pty Ltd) is based in Perth, Western Australia, with offices in the Northern Territory. We offer support across Australia including Queensland, Sydney (NSW), Adelaide (SA), Northern Territory and Western Australia. Ittrim software integrityhp trim version discontinuance of noncompliance with hp information.

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