Allhamdulliah Tooting held a Peace conference which was attended by 120 Guest from different religious, Faith leaders, politicians and Safer neighbours squads. Khuddam from Sheffield, Yorkshire Region travelled to York to help local interfaith group in planting 420 trees.
ISLAMABAD: Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan has remarked what a good Islamic state it is that influential have been let off and action has been initiated against the weak. Justice Qazi Faiz Essa remarked “blocking the roads by erecting illegal barricades in residential areas is criminal act.
CDA member planning told the court during the course of hearing of the case that 66 buildings had been sealed and owners of 123 places have vacated them on their own.

It was also brought into knowledge of the court that cases were registered against 52 officers and 14 officers among them have been arrested.
The court expressed displeasure over non initiation of action by CDA against the illegal offices remarking CDA chairman should file explanation on next hearing for not implementing court’s orders. Eddied Did he express any concern over the numerous Taliban terrorists that Pakistan is harboring and giving safe haven?.. About 2000 non verified offices and buildings are existing and period of 15 days is needed in this respect.
Contempt of court proceedings should be initiated against chairman CDA and the responsible persons.

CDA told that notices have been issued to these offices and sought time of 15 days from the court for initiation of action.

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