With Aura-Inside™ technology, Lancome invents its 1st foundation that recreates the true natural light of perfect skin. With 10 years of research, and 7 international patents pending, this ultra lightweight formula enriched with soothing rose extract, unifies the skin for a flawless complexion, while giving 18 hours of hydration.
I will continue the hunt for the perfect glowy, sheer coverage foundation and be sure to report back what I find. To apply the foundation, I personally like to use a foundation brush or a duo-fibre stippling brush because I find it easier to blend into your skin. Store your gel and creme liners upside down to preserve moisture and prevent them from dying out. Spot clean your makeup brushes after each use and thoroughly shampoo weekly to avoid build-up. Product DescriptionApril 28, 1988, Aloha Airlines flight 243, halfway between Big Island and Maui, suddenly lost an 18-foot section of its front fuselage, due to metal fatigue.
Speaking of family fare, this Christmas tale is so loaded with glowing good cheer you may want to go out and draw a bead on a grizzly b’ar.
Set in 1888 Wyoming but shot near Tucson, Arizona, the picture stars David Carradine as Ike, an Indian-hating rancher, and Wes Studi as a cosmically wise and stoic Indian medicine man, Chief Thomas, who lives with his family on a piece of Ike’s land.
Sutherland’s Rise Together Father and son team together for the first time in Forsaken. It was a worldwide effort for Lancome to create this foundation, and they utilised their labs in France, Japan and the USA to get it done.

Initially I was concerned it would just thin out too much on my skin, but that wasn’t the case at all. I can easily get away with applying it in the morning and not have to retouch all day or even before heading out to dinner.
I know it has some patented ingredients that boast its complexion enhancing capabilities, but how many times have we heard that from a cosmetic house before? I made the huge mistake of doing one full pump and god is my witness, I could have done a full body application! I am usually 010 Beige Porcelaine which is a bit lighter, but I like having this darker version because it isn’t SO dark that it looks unbelievably fake. The Plastic Diaries was created to share her journeys with beauty, her attempt to fight off aging and her desire for a healthy beautiful self. However, It will depend on how oily some areas of your skin are, as to whether you team it with another base product. Basically you use half the amount of foundation you would regularly use, and mix it with some Lancome Genefique serum. I really do think the canvas makes a huge difference so play around with some different face creams (1 per day) to see what works for you. Near the end of the special, after Gordon finds Big Bird and convinces him to stay inside, he sings a line from the song to him.
As usual, I am going to avoid rambling on about the amazing things they discovered, and how this formula contains new particles that are different to their other foundations.

Only use tiny little squirts at a time because there is no need to waste this precious liquid gold. Sure, when you look at before and after photos you can tell the difference but in person, day-to-day I don’t think anyone can tell.
If you have a really oily T-Zone I suggest using an oil free primer, such as Smashbox Photo Finish Light, before applying your foundation. I personally put it high on my cheekbone below the eye socket, the triangle between my eyebrows and my cupids bow.
Carradine makes a fun grumpus,  and every now and then a kind of crocodile amusement crosses his stone scowl, but the picture is so determined to preach tolerance and forgiveness that it never stops to develop a personality. Make sure you use a moisturiser that works for your skin, and is completely dry before you apply any make up.
A shame really, because Director James Intveld, who is also an actor and musician, has roots in the funkier end of the LA Rockabilly scene and has done some nice work in that area. Do you have any recomendations for a real “glowy” and light coverage foundation?

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