If you have ever gone under the knife, an anesthesiologist probably asked you to countdown from 100 and before you knew it (which seemed like a mere minute or two later) you were awake, resting in recovery, and according to Professor of Anesthesia, Emery Brown, that’s how general anesthesia is supposed to work.  Dr. The next time you go under the knife, will you come out okay or will be stuck in a terrifying yet all too real nightmare? I have had that surgery and never retretged it but can completely relate to how you have felt.

Many patients, who have fallen victim to a medical malpractice, like Anesthesia Awareness, are left with long-term psychological problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder. He spends most of his time reading medical blogs and searching for new content to engage his readership. It’s one thing to choose not to have children its another when the choice is no longer yours.

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