I have really been into the metallic trend this year and mixing silver and gold has been so much fun. Check out my Christmas tree post later in December to get more details on how I decorated this tree. This 9′ tree is full of white ornaments that bring such sparkle and magic to my living room. My two Tiered tray from Painted Fox Treasures is one of my favorite things to decorate each season.
Next, I kept my Lenox Eternal China I used in my Christmas table setting, but used Nate Berkus’ line of Fall collection plates from Target.
I try my best to really enjoy all the festivities and keep the stressful parts of the holidays at bay. My fall Instagram post did very well and I thought it would be fun to show my December pictures as well. I am so excited to participate in the Pretty Preppy Party with 11 Magnolia Lane and the many bloggers that have participated in this beautiful home tour. The rest of the idea for this tree came when I found this plaid box and the buffalo check pillow. I decided to do my table two different ways this year just to give you two totally different looks.
I put a gold snowflake on everyone’s plate, ┬áIt was definitely missing something until I added this little detail. Thanksgiving is coming up and boy I’m looking forward to eating some great food and seeing family.

Chic Suit Alternatives for WorkIn a conservative office environment stepping outside the safety of a suit can take guts. Not only are there my religious beliefs behind this holiday, but the timing of the year this holiday falls under; SPRING!!!
I found several pieces of inspiration such as a plaid box, a buffalo check pillow and a great ribbon and decided to use these items to build a plaid theme for this year.
I always make Christmas breakfast and then we eat lunch at my mom’s house after we open gifts. If you haven’t seen the amazing line up of homes on this tour, you need to go to day one and check them out at the link above. However, these button-ed up styles say boss lady without sacrificing your individual style. White works well and then spice things up with colorful napkins, table runners and place mats. This will give you time to attend to the smallest of details which your guests will surely appreciate.
Most times you already have what you need and can mix and match things from other holidays to create a beautiful look.
Once it is out of the box fluffing an artificial tree is the most important step to making it look more realistic.
Embrace the sleeveless jacketChances are you have a lot of silk blouses and button-up white shirts.
In my next holiday post, you will specifically see my trees and it will be broken down into how I decorate each tree step by step.

When winter rolls around either layer your blouse under a sweater and top it off with the sleeveless jacket or swap those tops for a cozy turtleneck. This item pairs well with pants of any silhouette from cropped to straight and flare.Shop this lookShop more sleeveless jacket looks2. Give your leather jacket new lifeYou may think leather jackets are strictly for after-hours or weekend wear but if you’re saving yours for those occasions you’re missing out! No matter what the temperature, these New Year’s table settings will knock your socks off.
Don’t worry about matching exactly, just stick to rich jewel tones or neutrals to avoid a flashy note.
Are your thinking about your New Year’s resolutions as 2015 comes to a close and we start a new year?
Try a new skirt silhouetteAs we mentioned in a previous post, skirts are back in a big way. To make them work for a formal office, choose tops in solid colors or low key patterns that coordinate with blazers you already own. If you’re bored with basic solids, go for a playful star print or a sophisticated marble print.

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