I appreciate you giving me the time I needed to grow, experiment, and find the direction for my 2nd album.. Along the way I’ve recorded at least 4 albums worth of material, lots of it being unfinished demo versions waiting to be polished up, some of them are great songs and important stories that just won’t make the album (either they don’t fit Sonically, don’t fit Theme, or there’s just not enough space) . Questlove Details 40 Reasons Why Prince Was A Pioneer Of Hip-HopWiz Khalifa, Juicy J & TM88 Unveil 'Rude Awakening' ArtworkGucci Mane Free!
After randomly surprising his fans with "Cole Summer" last night, Cole announced that he would be dropping the follow-up to February's Truly Yours EP later today. I dont see how you can possibly think of this as anything other then disappointing, and i dont buy that these are throw away tracks.
I'll put it like this: if you don't really care for upbeat and hype building songs, you're probably not coming to enjoy this EP greatly. It’s hard as f-ck for me to keep all this music from you for so long, so I know it’s been hard for you to wait. I haven't heard one piece of this EP yet and I prolly wont get a chance to listen to it until later on tonight so before I do I'll tell you what. I had been waiting on "Chris Tucker" since a snippet of it was at the end of "I'm A Fool", I assumed he was saving it for the album or something. I know you mothafuckas get emotional over Cole's music so I'll do one more and say the last song 3 Wishes had some dope content but I still feel the same way overall and thats Cole makes some meh type sounding shit.
Cole could drop an EP with absolute classics and you would still argue that they were garbage. Cole returns to the music scene with a new 5-track EP titled Truly Yours, which consists of 4 brand new tracks and an unreleased track from 2009.

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You listen to it and then tell me why its so incredible and then I check back later and listen to the song or songs you think is the best. Obviously these are just throwaway tracks and songs that probably would've never seen the light of day if it weren't for Cole spontaneously wanting to let em loose last night, but maaaaaaaan if THIS is the direction that Cole was going through while creating Born Sinner then there is going to be nothing special about that album. If everyone says it's doodoo, this man has a hundred reasons why it's the dopest ish available.
Now I dont know if its cause the nigga insists on rapping over his own production or if it's because he always comes from the same angle and perspective all the time but imo the game right now is just on some other shit. Since this nigga is all that then I wanna hear some incredible shit that warrants reasons why you people seem to think he's the illest.
Cole has stayed consistent with his lyricism and storytelling throughout both of these, and I'm all the more psyched for his album. Dudes like Black Rob are dogging the label heads for not making them hot, when real artists are out there promoting themselves and staying hot like they are supposed to. Now we can talk progression or "growth" or some shit I said or whatever but bottom line is this EP aint dope so whatever I said dont make a difference in regards to this EP. If you up there on some mainstream shit then you gotta come with it man period especially if you on that level with the Roc and especially if niggas claiming that you lyrically this and that. That display of pretentious, holier than thou in your opinion bull shit won't allow you to make a statement that you admit to being the contrary of what you've already said.
If I weren't able to criticize the work and opinion of others my life would have no meaning.

So if you hear it before me and you feel that there is a song or songs on here thats gonna make me "see the light" then you can comment and let me know about it and I'll check it out later. I don't understand how he went from crafting beats like LIGHTS PLEASE and I GET UP to shit like this. Furthermore I didnt hear anything thats on the level or better then the songs I named in that old comment of mine anyway so then it really dont make a difference does it? Im sorry but all this mellow emotional shit let Drake do that and all this singing and harmonizing shit, let Drake do that. You troll the boards looking to get into an argument over some bull shit cuz that's how you get off.
If these are the songs he's willing to give out as freebies I can't wait to hear what Born Sinner is gonna sound like. How much mediocre boring sounding bullshit with basic ass bars does he have to put out before you realize that.
Cole wanna rep the street shit and be a voice for communities in poverty and conscious rap and all that shit then he gon have to come with it imo and this EP shit he doin just and cuttin it for me. The GameJAY Z Joins Fat Joe & Remy Ma On "All The Way Up (Remix)"Cam'ron – "Oh Yeah" f.

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