Describe different types of communication and interpersonal interaction, using example relevant to health and social care setting. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The manager which her name was Rachel was always taking to children with formal language but staff was using the informal language with children.
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When you write a letter to clients this is classed as formal communication and would not use colloquial expressions. Sign up to view the whole essay and download the PDF for anytime access on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
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Task 1 - Describe different types of communication and interpersonal interaction, using examples relevant to health and social care settings.
Proximity (personal space) is key to creating relationships, however it is important to keep a space between people you are talking to otherwise they feel uncomfortable and may not want to talk to you again. To extend the writing, the essay could discuss the communication cycle or SOLER behaviours. It is like carrying out a practical test or research in order to get the results of what you are looking for.
I will reflect on my grades and talk about the reasons why i haven't achieved much in the past.
This might be a prompt if a care practitioner is asking a service user when he would like to do a certain activity.
Mostly dairy foods made from milk retain their calcium content are also part of this group. P1 Communication between people enable to exchange ideas and information but it involves much more than simply passing on information to others. The nursery had lot of children age of 3-8 years old children's and all of them when they talk they use informal language because they are children and the do not know how yet to use a proper language. The staff need to assist the patient by giving them they individual needs that each patient need. For all I know a particular age group could have filled in a different amount of questionnaires than another age group this could lead to the information being given unfair and unequal.
Active listening does not just consist of listening to words, but is watching the body language as well. All Rights Reserved.Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Other ways to communicate in an informal manner may include texting, post-it notes, and an informal drop in visit to another person, or a quick and spontaneous meeting. It helps you find out whether your hypothesis or what you thought would happen is true or not.

It also means you have to paraphrase what the person has said to be sure that the message intended was clearly received. My grades were always something that had put my self-esteem down and made me feel like i would never be successful. Incidents There are going to be times where in a care setting there is going to be an incident which poses a risk to either the staff or the clients. Dairy products is linked to improve health in bones and could reduce the risk of Osteoporosis, the intake is important mostly for children and young adults when bone mass is being built. Poor communication might make a service user feel vulnerable, worthless or emotional threatened. My group discussion with children was all about how the find the nursery, how big the nursery is, and asking them play together with the toys and every single of them use to cry when it comes for bed time, because the do not like to sleep when it afternoon after having the lunch they find it boring they say.
Staff needs to assist patient with the personal problem which they doesn't feel comfortable to tell their family maybe or anyone else, if the patient is having stress the staff be giving the right decision on what hey should be assisting their needs by communication.
Playing music while recovering in hospital is a great to lift people's spirits and can help speed up a person's recovery. Reflective listening is most common in counselling, it is also known as parallel talk and paraphrasing. As well as doing this, I also tried to express my house mates feelings to be sure they understood I knew how they felt.
Conservative people prefer more muted colours and conventional styles, whilst more extrovert people tend to dress in the latest fashion and favour more attractive colours. One to one conversation When you are having a one to one conversation as care worker you should want to make you're patient very comfortable and try to create the right kind of feelings. I use to have good formal language with them just for them to get use to it and be able to talk in a proper ways at home or between them.
Giving the right need to service user also assist their communication by been open with any feeling that they have inside them.
Groups: Group communication is getting a small group of people together who share the same problem to talk about it. Arts and crafts: In most households we enter we see pictures, paintings, sculptures, architecture, ornaments, to visitors this may just look like decoration but these can communicate messages and emotions to the household owner - artwork etc.
Reflective listening is important in health and social care as it shows you were listening, that you understand, creates empathy and builds a positive rapport.
It's always important to create the right emotional atmosphere before you can go to discuss complicated issues or give patient information when a patient is coming up to you, have to welcome your patient nicely and when you welcome them you need to have a smile on your face, then you can move to the discussion of the reason why you're seen them and other issues that may occur. W3hen you are working in a health and social care setting you will have to use the formal language all the time and using the formal language shown that you really have lot respect for others Review the effectiveness of own communication skills in the two interactions undertaken.P6 I really had good relationships with all the staff and the children my work experience nursery. The staff have t assist the patient in language need also because some patient English isn't the first language and the really needs help. So the name itself indicates that a cardiovascular system is the system of heart and blood vessels. These work better when the group is small as the leader can interact better than working with a large group.

It also shows to the patient that you know what they are feeling; it shows that you have a desire to help and also shows that the person is worth helping.
The reason why is important having one to one conversation with you're patient is to know about themselves and background because sometime the reason of the illness can be because of the family background. Some time when I didn't understand any think that was going on in their staff use to explain to me, for me to understand. The organisation needs to assist the patient by having interpreter every time to be able to communicate properly. In health care, group communication can range from AA meetings (Alcohol anonymous) to drug abuse to various phobias which people want to overcome. Communication using technology: Instead of meeting someone to discuss various issues, nowadays we can communication with someone half way around the world from are own home.
Variation between cultures: When communicating with people from different cultures, it is important to be polite courteous and show respect. And the patient might want you to keep it as secret by not telling anyone of her family or friend. The organisation which is the hospital need to provide the very best need to every patient which is by assisting them with any thing that the can even if is very personal, assisting the service user with the family background is also good in same way because some people can be very ill because of what is going on in their family and can not deal with it. Formal: Formal communication is the interaction between two or more people, which does adhere to the rules of formal communication. Examples: * Telephone * E-mail * Text * Instant messaging * Fax E-mail has become useful for people who cannot contact their GP or doctor by telephone who need to rearrange an appointment or for doctors to get hold of patients. If it is difficult to understand what the other person is trying to communicate ask questions to discover an understanding and to listen to the answers.
Informal Communication Most people use informal communication toward people like friends and family very well.
One day I had enough of her and I went to tell the manager that we wasn't getting a long with Christine and she had to change Christine to the other side of the nursery because the have two nursery. When the organisation is assisting all patient like the suppose too, it will build-up the trust and self-esteem in them self and they confident will also grow inside them. In most health and social care settings signs are now multi-cultural as the UK is a multi-cultural society.
By doing all this is the ways of assisting all needs that patient need in the health and social care setting. Language is the expression of human communication through which knowledge, belief, and behaviour can be experienced, explained and shared. Lot of people specially young's speak informal language between them to understand and it confusing because if a adult want to understand they won't.
The reason why informal communication is not appropriate to use in health or anywhere in the society is because is not acceptable and suitable language to approach patient with informal language and being disrespected against them.

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