Your railroad jobs resume for entry level positions must show experience or accomplishments that required manual dexterity, physical stamina, and mechanical aptitude. A willingness to work flexible shifts is important and can be demonstrated by writing about any positions you have held that required similar work hours. Most railroad jobs call for at least a high school education or GED completion so list your information. Any work experience that required physical exertion, drug screening, and a physical exam shows you are willing to comply with railroad employment requirements.
Locomotive engineers need mechanical aptitude as they are responsible for understanding the power systems, brakes, monitoring instruments, and conducting safety inspections.
Railroad conductors examine schedules, switching orders, bill of ladings, and shipping records.
Because the rail industry is a highly specialized one, there are specific traits, abilities and types of experience that are necessary to work in this industry. You might also be required to be away from home for days at a time, so including experience where you worked with little or no supervision is also important.

Any training or schooling beyond high school should also be listed on your railroad jobs resume.
Positions include locomotive engineers and operators, inspectors, mechanics, hostlers, brake operators, dispatchers, logistic coordinators, laborers, and track maintenance workers. You need to show experience in positions that required physical stamina and the ability to follow instructions. For this position your resume should show experience installing and troubleshooting mechanical and electronic devices and demonstrate attention to details. These position are often filled by promoting from within though occasionally an experienced supervisor from another industry is needed and accepted. When writing railroad resumes, it is helpful to know what keywords the employer needs to see; including them in a resumes almost guarantees you an interview and hopefully a position within the industry.
Not paying attention could cause a loss of revenue at least, if not something much more devastating, such as an accident.
If you are an experienced railroad worker or engineer, include information about your training and licenses.

If you have a commercial driver’s license include a statement that describes your license class as this can be beneficial for rail yard workers. They must monitor and interpret system gauges and other instruments and communicate with dispatchers and other engineers. There are some keywords that are applicable to almost any position; however, there are some that are more necessary for one position than another. You can demonstrate this skill by listing such activities as construction projects, bookkeeping, or filing taxes; something as simple as taking care of a swimming pool can demonstrate this ability. Keywords to include when describing these things are; audit, research, schedule, and review.

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