An eight tonne block of stone sits on top of a car parked beside a house after falling from the top of a 100 m slope. Air masses are classified into groups depending on their basic temperature and humidity characteristics.
Tropical continentalThis air mass originates over North Africa and the Sahara (a warm source region). Product customization can mean many things, In software it could be as simple as skinning a WordPress template or be developing a new product from an existing codebase.
Component swapping modularity enables customization of products by reusing a functional module across a variety of products.
Cut-to-fit modularity is as simple as it sounds, you have a product that is functional at a wide range of sizes and sell just enough to meet the customers needs. Mix Modularity products are comprised of two or more components mixed together to provide additional value. Bus Modularity enables customization by providing an architecture that can contaim a diverse set of components while maintaining control over the final product. Sectional Modularity creates value by enabling the user to create something with a kit of parts then rearrange it if required.
Do note that the original work here is from Professor Karl Ulrich, then at MIT and now at Wharton, and his student Karen Tung.
It is a helpful tool to think about mass customization, but the book is nearly 20 years old and the examples are a bit outdated. In most cases the end user can’t customize the product themselves, but the modularity enables cost effective development for niche products.

In the physical world it’s everything from developing a multi SKU product line based on family parts to snapping together Lego bricks.
It could be a single motor across a line of power tools or, in the case of Bug Labs, reusing the computational module to enable customization of consumer electronics. The print on demand market is a great example of of this, the base products are blank postcards, books, and coffee mugs, but when photo modules are added by customers significant value is created.
Made to order clothing is the classic example, but the funky soap store Lush sells its esoteric offerings to customers by cutting off chunks of soap from large decorative batches. Industrial soaps are the canonical example, but YouBar is a more customer friendly example.
In the case of Ridemakerz they developed a magnetic connection system that allows kids to design a custom car by combining chasis, wheels, engines, and other parts while ensuring the finished product still looks like an attractive car.
Office cubicles are one example of this, but Lego is far more fun and the images are infinitely better. They are classified as continental or maritime - dependent on whether they originate over land or sea - and arctic or antarctic, equatorial, tropical, or polar, depending on the particular region in which they form. Visibility is usually moderate or poor due to the air picking up pollutants during its passage over Europe and from sand particles blown into the air from Saharan dust storms. In most cases the end user can’t customize the product themselves, but the modularity enables cost effective development for niche products.
Moo has created a service that allows people to design business cards and have unique images on each card. YouBar allows you to tailor your ideal energy bar combining various nuts, berries, flakes, and supplements.

Occasionally, the Saharan dust is washed out in showers producing coloured rain and leaving cars covered in a thin layer of orange dust.Tropical maritimeThe source region for this air mass is warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean between the Azores and Bermuda. Value is created by reducing complexity in the supply chain which provides time and margins to introduce more products. The individual elements aren’t hard to find or prepare, but the service simplifies the life of the customer. The predominant wind direction across the British Isles, in a tropical maritime air mass, is south-westerly.Tropical maritime air is warm and moist in its lowest layers and, although unstable over its source region, during its passage over cooler waters becomes stable and the air becomes saturated. Consequently when a tropical maritime air mass reaches the British Isles it brings with it low cloud and drizzle, perhaps also fog around windward coasts and across hills. This air mass starts very cold and dry but during its long passage over the relatively warm waters of the North Atlantic its temperature rises rapidly and it becomes unstable to a great depth.This air mass is characterised by frequent showers at any time of the year. In the winter months when instability (convection) is most vigorous over the sea, hail and thunder are common across much of the western and northern side of the British Isles. Polar low-pressure systems forming in this air mass can sometimes lead to widespread and heavy snowfall, but otherwise inland areas remain free of cloud in the winter months. In northern Scotland, arctic maritime is usually the coldest air mass, but over the rest of Britain, this air mass is not as cold as polar continental.Returning polar maritimeReturning polar maritime is another version of polar maritime, but this time with a longer seas track which takes the air first southwards over the North-Atlantic, the north-eastwards across the British isles.

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