This course is open to anyone wishing to develop their coaching skills through a recognised FA coaching qualification. Quinton Fortune (right) was the only ex-player from a black, Asian or minority ethnic backgroundIt was a residential course, an intensive eight-day examination of the candidatesa€™ ability to enhance the technical qualities of the players under their supervision.
John Peacock, who specialises in youth development and coach education, is the man in chargeFor members of the FA Licensed Coaches Club, the cost of the full course is A?4,680 (A?6,085 for non-members). WIAA is still working on the training program for coaches; in the meantime, WIAA recommends the use of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NHFS) online training.
The course will provide an introduction to the organisation and delivery of safe and enjoyable coaching sessions for young players.
The course format typically runs over a two week period, and includes evening and weekend sessions.

Somerset FA will provide you with your own personal candidate coaching portfolio containing everything you need for the duration of the course and beyond. According to the FAa€™s website, the A Licence for the full 20-day package, staged over two parts during the 2014-15 season was fully booked. This course provides an introduction to the organisation and delivery of safe and enjoyable coaching sessions for players. The FA Level 1 course will include theoretical (classroom) and practical (coaching delivery) elements.
Don’t expect to be standing around getting cold, you will get plenty of opportunity to play an active role in these practices with your course colleagues so appropriate footwear and clothing is a must! It will allow you to conveniently view course details and the number of remaining places available on each course and enable you to make an instant SECURE payment which guarantee’s your place on the course at the touch of a button!

Places are not easy to come by.With UEFAa€™s Pro Licence the next logical step for ambitious coaches, the A Licence does not come cheap and the demands, working from 9am to 9pm, are high. In addition, you will also complete an FA Safeguarding Children and an Emergency First Aid workshop as part of the course, both of which are individually recognised and will provide you with a valid Safeguarding Children and Emergency First Aid certificate for 3 years. You will also have an opportunity to deliver a practice with the support of your colleagues in the group.

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