In Indiana, a lottery ticket winner missed the opportunity to add $51.7 million to their coffers by failing to claim a Powerball ticket in 2002.
Nearly nine months later, lottery officials in Iowa are still wondering why the winner of the multi-million dollar prize hasn't come forward.
The $16.5 million ticket is currently the second-highest unclaimed lottery ticket in the country. If a winner fails to claim in three months, the $16.5 million prize will be the largest unclaimed ticket for the Iowa Lottery. While the clock ticks lottery officials are urging folks to search sock drawers and glove compartments for the ticket. An unknown person or syndicate in the UK has won the 185 million euro (A?161 million, $258 million) jackpot in the largest lottery win ever seen in Europe, reports The Telegraph.

However, the EuroMillions winning ticket has still not been claimed since last night's rollover draw.
The huge jackpot caused lottery fever in Europe, with three million tickets bought every hour before Friday's draw -- an unbelievable 900 tickets per second. Before the clock runs out, the Iowa Lottery is searching for the winner holding the $16.5 Million Hot Lotto ticket purchased on December 29, 2010. Four days after Christmas, a lottery player walked into a Quik Trip in Des Moines and purchased a winning ticket with these numbers: 3-12-16-26-33 and Hot Ball 11. In 2009, the most recent year that data is available, the total amount of reported unclaimed prizes across the United States stood at $496 million, according to the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. An unlucky Florida Lotto jackpot winner missed an opportunity to cash in on a $53.7 million ticket in 2003 when a winning lottery ticket expired 180 days after its purchase.

In Oregon, lottery officials are still waiting for a winner to claim a $21.8 million prize. And, instead of going into the hands of the player, the money will return to the 14 states and the District of Columbia based on the portion of tickets sold. The Iowa Lottery is able to track tickets and the winning ticket has not been scanned at any terminals in Iowa.

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