Three brothers from different industries discuss leadership and how their style is influenced by their industry and the type of individuals they lead. This episode was a recording of #PMHangout 38 which was held as part of the Sensible Project Manager Hangout Community hosted on Google+ Hangouts On-Air.
During the podcast we learned that each of the three brothers have different leadership styles and characteristics yet there were some similarities which seam to be universal leadership principles. Bryce is very transparent with his team and is not afraid to coach each sales professional in techniques required to be successful. Mark is a project manager who has previously held several positions ranging from project manager to Director of Project Management within a wide range and sizes of organizations.
If you have a question about anything that was discussed in this episode you can ask the question right now using voice-mail. Also, I would love to hear your thoughts about future topics for the podcast or any other way I can help you in your Project Management career. I would love it if you could leave me an honest rating and review on iTunes by clicking here. Danny O’Gara begins with the end in mind, knowing that everything he does is toward the bigger goal of getting to heaven. Lucy Clark likes the synergy in her school, seeing how students work together to accomplish goals. And Patrick McPherson now seeks to understand others, developing a friendship with a classmate he used to have trouble accepting. The process started four years ago, when then-principal Bill Herman read Covey’s book.

Several teachers and administrators attended a TLIM summit in Ohio, conducted research, and spoke to leaders at St.
For instance, hanging in the main hallway of the school are canvases painted by students, listing the seven habits and the beatitude each represents.
The connection between the habits and the Catholic faith is clear to Danny, 12, who is in the sixth grade. In terms of school and family life, the four students interviewed by The Criterion noted how they’ve implemented putting first things first by setting a daily goal to do their homework first when they get home from school. One of Danny’s favorite kaizens is Challenger Kickball, which works throughout the school year with physically and mentally challenged community members. The groups also develop a synergy in the school, with kaizens and classes working together to help each other. Students leading school tours is one of the new ways in which youths get to practice their leadership skills, Yost explained.
Reale also hears positive feedback from parents after they’ve attended a student-led parent-teacher conference, a process the school started two years ago.
The Sensible Project Manager, Mark Phillipy and his brothers Bryce and Daren provide different perspectives on leadership. He is relatively new to his leadership position and uses the DISC personality assessment to better understand how to effectively lead his team members. Mark prescribes to the servant leader approach to leadership and feels it is important to lead by example. Share with us the leadership style you use and if you think your style is influenced by your environment or those you lead.

6 photo, pictures of kindergarten classmates with caps foretelling their graduation from St. Lucy described how the natural habitat kaizen planted gardens with butterfly-attracting fauna to support the butterflies that her class raised and released as a science project. Kassy McPherson, Patrick’s mother, has witnessed the impact it has had on her children. Leading by objective and helping each individual develop strategies for them to meet those objectives is important for the success of his team. It is also very important to learn what motivates the team to become a more effective leader. As a long time project manager, he feels it is important to help the team understand and believe in the Vision of a project and the Value that is being delivered to the customer. He works with each individual to pull out their strengths and always identifies team goals and objectives and helps the individual align with those goals and objectives. It is important for him to understand what motivates each individual so he can lead them through coaching and building from their strengths.
Once the team buys into the value that the project will deliver, then the team will rally behind the leader of the project and deliver on that vision.
Pius X School team revolved around the end goal of the school: to create students who know, live and love their Catholic faith.

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