In this April 2013 issue, our contributors share their expert tips on how to use the Law of Attraction to create the life you want, and give you everything you need to know about LOA – from creating a vision board to cultivating deep feelings of gratitude and joy for everything you have.
To celebrate the release of this new edition, I’m giving it away to three lucky readers! By David HamiltonOf all the categories of affirmations, wealth & health are always at the top of the list.
But what’s great is that what I’ve learned in using affirmations for dating & relationships, as well as self-acceptance and love, apply in the financial arena as well. Whenever I ask for money or material wealth without making a difference in the world, or feeling that I’m really helping someone, I can never fully feel the affirmation.
I believe this has to do with filling an egoic need, yet again, to get something to fill a void in oneself. Just think about people that make a lot of money scamming people with pyramid schemes and the like.

Sure they make a lot, but eventually there is retribution whether getting caught in some way, always having to run and hide, or it taking a great toll on their health, because deep down they know it’s wrong to do. Really finding what you are passionate about, how you can help others and deliver value, makes it a “win all” scenario. It also helps to take the focus off of money exclusively, and off yourself onto servicing others. Yes, it’s a modern world that we live in and we need money to survive, unless we want to go roughin’ it on our own.
When money becomes a secondary focus, it becomes less important, but also can be easier to have flow into your life, that is if you are OK with having money. It will also help you to find how to gain self confidence in making and managing wealth and money. Some people are great at giving value, but aren’t interested in being paid well in return, and that’s fine.

I recommend approaching making money this way, whether you have a job or are an entrepreneur.
But when coming from a perspective of truly helping and giving back to the world, not only do you feel great about yourself, but the money can come into your life without it feeling “dirty”. What I’m saying is that if you want FULFILLMENT AND MONEY, this is the best way to go about it. Money is not inherently dirty, it’s how we make it that makes it dirty or energetically clean. I’m willing to bet things will get easier for you in the money and finance department, and that you’ll be more fulfilled, too.

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