The Master of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering at UW Bothell couples theoretical computing concepts with real-world problems, helping students develop the breadth of skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive software profession. Supported by the collaborative and personal learning environment at UW Bothell, students gain the expertise and confidence to drive innovative changes within their industry.
The Graduate Certificate in Software Design & Development (GCSDD) offers innovative preparation for students who lack formal computer science training to succeed in the MSCSSE degree program. Our graduates will find opportunities for rewarding positions and advanced career opportunities in sectors such as software development, biotech, medicine, aerospace, entertainment, and finance. In this series of courses, students gain advanced knowledge in programming problems using object-oriented techniques, data structures, recursive algorithms, risk management, product feasibility, modeling, UML, testing, CMMI, systems programming and much more.

Our Graduate Advisor will answer your questions about the program, admission, and career opportunities. For those with an undergraduate degree in a different field, courses in the GCSDD serve as prerequisites for the MSCSSE admission requirements.

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