Second: Several months ago I began working with some inspirational cards I created about nine years ago. I also made some journals out of game pieces that will blow your mind (let me believe) because they are so little and cute (1.5 by 1 inch!). I am starting a holiday recycling project (details later) and have some friends already on board to help me! I also decided to apply for a show even though I had decided last year that shows are not for me since I get too nervous beforehand and overwhelmed.
Before I leave you with a video, I encourage you to check out my studio facebook page and share it with your friends.
She's having giveaways every day for the whole month of November and my ice skating in the moonlight puzzle pendant is one of them. I realized that while I love to give away books and no doubt will give away many more soon, that this clearing out not only provided me with a sense of renewal and confidence (realizing that I know and remember a lot and the books aren't needed), but also a practical way to help pay for the class.
The Blogger manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervade amongst different cultures and beliefs.
Write a short article about what the Blog has thus far achieved- preferably citing one or more older post to support.
The Blogger must present the Noblesse Oblige Award in concurrence with the Award Conditions. I was kind of stuck on what to make my two-year old nephew and had finally decided to make him a soft bunny or bear with the cashmere, but when I pulled it out, a new idea came to me. So, I got to pinning, cutting and hand sewing (the machine and I are not friends-in spite of lessons, I never got the hang). Today I began in full force to try to get my items listed on Etsy, but for two days now, Etsy has had intermittent technical issues and this means it takes a million years long time to list.
I reserved a tiny bit of the butter and agave mixture and mixed it with cinnamon and then made a piece of the world's best cinnamon toast.
It should also be noted that agave is very high in fructose and even though the glycemic load is significantly lower than sugar and honey (I'm not as big a stevia fan anymore because of the aftertaste) it should still be consumed in moderation (she wrote after having cinnamon toast and two muffins for a late lunch). I don't know why I had to title this post "The Perfect Crime", but when I saw the strawberries I picked up at Farmer's Market this morning cleaned and all waiting patiently in their vintage bowl of a home to be transformed into more jam, I said it in my head.
Hello Kitchenettes!  I'm sorry to have been gone for the weekend, but on Saturday morning I wrote a post announcing the winners and BOOM! I noticed a display in the grocery store today and picked up a frozen cake, turned it over and was floored to read that not only does it contain high fructose corn syrup and Lake number 5, but it also has three grams of trans fats per serving! Fall brings the end of annual growth: hard-shelled fruits with developed seeds inside, and the root crops. I just finished and lost 26 pounds eating wonderful food, connecting with women from all over, pouring over all of the delicious recipes, coloring (yes, coloring!) and all around being inspired.
I'll share my cards later, but here is a mini-preview for those of you who have not seen it on Facebook. I also like that her art isn't overly finished and I plan to keep that in mind when assessing my own. I listed the books on craigslist and they are on their way to being sold-for a steal I might add!

The stars came from a kit, but I decided to save a few pieces to use as templates when I make some out of maps next year. Her grandmother died and while she and her mother were going through the house, they found tons of vintage sheet music.  I walked into the salon one day and Lorelei pointed to an ENORMOUS box and told me it was all mine! It's such a generous kit because once you use it, you know how and then can pick up wool roving and soap and begin making bars in whatever quantity and shape you like.
The muffins turned out just fine and I'm officially an agave over sugar in any recipe convert. The poppies are from my garden and were the only two poppies flowering, but I broke their stems while weeding, so inside they came. You guys already knew this, but even being the label reader I am and ever suspicious of corporate marketing strategies, I still bought the whole Pepperidge Farm is like good old fashioned homemade song and dance for almost thirty years. My mom would pick one up once in a blue moon and my brother and I loved how perfect and square they were, the icing super smooth and the best part was eating our pieces slightly frozen. Farms and gardens in our climate start seedlings indoors during these months: our many varieties of tomatoes along with celery root and dozens of other crops will go into the garden in May. Our year here was marked by extraordinary drought, but with just a few well-timed irrigations and a wealth of mulch, our garden fed us nicely through the summer and has provisioned our root cellar for the months to come. It's easy to be vegan, but usually you have to have some clean dishes with which to cook and last week our kitchen?
I think I felt shame about creating such a health and body affirming card pack, but still being overweight.
I love being outdoors, but realized that I don't trust my body on steep climbs the way I used to.
I figured if I cut and pinned along the seams on the side, my hand sewing would be cut in half and the ribbing (or whatever it's called) would provide a finished look for the wrists. I knew they were owned by a corporation, but had no idea that they put such crap in some their products!
What I didn't realize then, that I totally get now, is that my issue is one of fear of vulnerability (more on this later) and that the cards were not meant to make me thin, but were meant to give me the clarity to make some decisions about what is best for me and the energy to take some action. Too prone to ingredient substitutions without much thought, not paying attention to how long the salmon has been grilling, handfuls of spices because I love their scents, but not much consideration to how they'll blend in the pot. It seems that as soon as we were getting close to a breakthrough, I decided to go off on my own and disappeared. I learned more about the gross things factory farmed cows are fed that I ever wanted to know.
I had no business even looking at the frozen cakes anyway, but I'm glad I did (it was their key lime cake that pulled me away from frozen berries). You know, I wonder if anyone ever thought to look for an appendix scar since certainly you remember that Madeline had hers removed. I worked until about two in the afternoon and then turned my attention to some  fun things. The first night of the class (more specifics later), the instructor talked to us about releasing and clearing things out of our lives (people, objects, beliefs) that are no longer relevant. Before I get on to who won, first let me say that I love blogging and love connecting with so many of you.

I used to be quite the rock-hound and in my Reiki practice I incorporated them into the healing. I loved her bars when I bought them before the holidays and gave them away for Christmas, so shortly afterward, when I saw she had a kit prepared, I decided to go ahead and get one.
I was sick to my stomach when he said that cows (naturally herbivores) are also fed ground up road kill collected off the highways and sold cheap.
I would blog even if I didn't have a single reader (I find it therapeutic), but having readers and being a reader of other blogs is so much fun. He's busy, so it may be hard to get that first appointment, but once you become regular you can schedule out. I give Terry (the owner) a lot of credit for bringing Howard in from Virginia to speak because after all, she has a restaurant that offers dairy and meat choices. My girlfriend teased me about doing the give-away to bribe people into coming back to my blog, and while Midori thinks this is a grand idea, I know that it's because I love sending small things out to people.
I talk a lot about keeping things simple and have an honest desire to do so, but I still clutter up my world and over complicate things.
Terry addressed this and said she wants people to be educated about food and that she does all she can to get her food locally grown and organic. Nothing makes me happier than to stand in line with a bunch of envelopes filled with cheerful things given for no reason.
I think my spirit essence is lovely and brightly patterned, but in order for me to live there I need to develop some comfort with my inner neutral color scheme. Even if it isn't all organic, she wants people to be aware so they can make good choices in their comfort zone, whatever their comfort zone may be. Oh, by the way my good friend Christine is doing Kai's Pay It Forward and you might want to get in on it because word has it that some of her greeting card art might be going to new homes! Actually, I can give myself some credit here, because I've been resting, sleeping, eating, meditating and healing for awhile now. The winner of the Lush-ious bath bomb is Becky and I might as well say it now, but she also won the Breathe rock too. I will tell you that there were no statements about me being the highly evolved and fun Julia! And last but not least, the grand prize of any wallet in my shop (now or in the future) goes to Christine Marie. Christine Marie, please message me now or in the future if you see one you want and it will be yours. If you decide you want me to send it to someone else as a gift, just let me know and I will.
I three more jars of previously un-posted about honey and they are going to: Emiko, Sierra Pelona Crochet and Jenny!
I haven't tried them for post cards yet, so if one of you have, please let me know what you thought.

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