Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Hypnosis refers to just about any situation where we respond to verbal suggestions in a particular special way. I have been fortunate over the past ten years to have had the opportunity to study the shamanism used in the rain forest of southwestern Nigeria.
No one has any obligation to read, follow, interpret or even receive your non-verbal communication.
It's the first time I ever got to be in the same room with With them, he does not disappoint. Keeping your head straight, which is not the same as keeping your head on straight, will make you appear self-assured and authoritative. See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Non Verbal Communication.

This involves a mentally very flexible condition where our imagination and fantasy are more free and more vivid. It is unreasonable for anyone to expect or demand that their non-verbal communication be acknowledged. Often, our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture and tone of voice “speak” the loudest to the patient. Therefore, it is very important that staff and employees understand non-verbal communication and the impact this has on customer service.
55% of communication is based on what people see and the other 38% is transmitted through tone of voice. When you fail to make eye contact, you give the impression that the other person is of no importance. And they were so excited to be able to create music and he said you know we really connected with even the nonverbal patients.

Maintain eye contact about 60% of the time in order to look interested, but not aggressive. Arms crossed or folded over your chest say that you have shut other people out and have no interest in them or what they are saying. Waving them about may show enthusiasm to some, but others see this gesture as one of uncertainty and immaturity. If this is hard for you, do what you always do when you want to get better at something - practice.

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