The Chute Gerdeman team helped shift the Swiss Farms brand perception from convenience stop to fresh market by completely reinventing the drive-through experience. We started by literally sitting in the driver’s seat, which led to the introduction of a stunning glass frontage designed to reach both on-the-go and on-the-street customers. To complete the competitive positioning, we added in high-tech, digital assets and well-timed daypart promotions.

Founded in 2006 by Pittsburghers, The Savvy Group is a proud collaboration of the best, boldest, and most savvy minds in the industry.
The Savvy Group, a Certified SDB Business, with offices in the city of Pittsburgh, is an integrated marketing firm with proven results in providing clients with consistent brand messaging across a selected combination of communication tools that are strategically right for the brand, the assignment, and the delivery of the message. Savvy understands the value of a comprehensive marketing plan that involves consumer research to gather insights, evaluates the role of each of the plan's components, selects the appropriate plan components that reinforce the message, and are effectively executed to achieve maximum results.

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