Although she hardly looks human with her practically perfect body, it’s so refreshing to hear the model mom admit looking like that definitely doesn’t come easy! The supermodel admits she spends two hours a day in the gym six weeks before the show prepping for the big occasion! This email comes to you from Victoria's Secret, which also includes Victoria's Secret Beauty, Victoria's Secret Sport, and Victoria's Secret PINK.

After hearing the way model Gisele bounced back after having her baby and listening to her claim that every woman can have a pregnancy just like hers, it’s refreshing to hear that while Adriana is blessed with her appearance, she also works hard to maintain her shape! Even someone as gorgeous as Adriana can’t just pop out a baby and do a near-naked photo shoot the next day.
I know I can’t wait to see her show off the Fantasy Bra in the fashion show come November!

Also it helps with your mood, you look great, it helps with your skin, and also it helps with my immune system too.

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