As the world's first MMO-creation game self-developed by Shanda, the game world creation platform which are filled with talks debuts. The main city is named Huainandao, it's in Yangzhou which is at the core of the whole map, Yangzhou is an ancient city in China. It's an eastern martial art style game, you can see the things what you can experience in other eastern martial art style games in World Zero too.

Before this test, players were curious about how the 'world creation' work, now some testers said this it is much easier than they'd expected. But in World Zero, what kind of the world that players want to play all depends on themself, they even can enjoy all types of games in one game everyday, that's World Zero, Now this game hasn't been finished completely, once it's done, game characters, NPCs, Mod, maps etc all can be edited.
But there is an important thing, players need to be creative enough, so that they can create a unique and attractive world, or no one will want to play it.

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