You may remember Naldz (Ronald Bien) from my very first post, Top 10 Twitter Backgrounds where his illustration featured. Minervity (Richard Darell) is a web and graphic designer whose blog has really taken off over the past few months.
Shouldn't really need to much of an introduction, probably one of the best 'blogs' I have found on the net for design over the past year. Junaid is a web designer from Pakistan, he creates some really good, clean web designs and I love the look of his portfolio site.
When his daughter gets kidnapped in France, he flys over and has 96 hours to find her before she disappears into the wilderness of garlic, beret's and erm, french people. Righteous Kill, pretty unimpressive for the first hour or so if I am honest, it is definately no Heat!!! Ok, well as standard I plan to post more unknown women, but for my first post I just had to choose the near perfect Rachel Bilson. Tired of cycling around, want a motorised way of getting about the city but don't want a mo-ped?
Really disappointed with this fight, technically Vera is the beter fighter, both standing, in the clinch and with his awesome (and under-rated) ground game.
Fight played out pretty much as expected, both guys standing as their strongest points, but Marcus, the 'irish hand grenade' having a huge advantage on the ground, eventually working a guillotine choke in the second round. Denise Milani now resides in Southern California she is originally born in the Czech Republic in 1980.
Although the current trend seems to be based more around privacy issues, LG have released a prototype dual screened LCD. The Government's new plans would be anyone purchasing a new mobile phone, contract or PAYG would need to show ID proof in the form of a passport or driving license.
The KRANK is made from recycled parts and after turning the handle, in much the same way as an old handheld drill it produces the light using the process of magnetic induction. I guess ultimately a bit of a let down, Silva started with his usual slow, feeling out process before landing some good kicks and knees on Patrick. Werdum was the favourite going into this fight and I had him down for a 2nd round submission, I did not however count on him ducking on to a brute of an upercut that knocked him out cold in the first round. WOWZERS, potentially a stale mate with 2 excellent wrestlers, but they came to entertain and they certainly succedded. This fight soon went to the ground and Leites finished Drew with a rear naked choke, I could see that coming from the UK!!!

Not shown - Spencer Fisher Wins by Submission (Choke) at 3:56 in the 3rd round by triangle. Fitness apps and trackers are great for giving you a read on how you're doing fitness-wise.
The app pulls data from various sources such as your fitness tracker (like the Fitbit Charge) and Apple Health Kit (built right into your iPhone) to give you a 360-degree perspective of where you stand fitness-wise.
The High Tech Fitness Test You NeedIf you're exercising regularly and eating right but not seeing results, consider this new test. Your Smartphone Tracks Mileage as Well as TrackerNew study suggests your phone could replace your wearable device. And it is the same again, great designer and illustration skills and a cool, resource stuffed blog to suit.
Great site with great tips, Chris tweets about anything design and web related especially websites, coding, design and validation.
Some really cool design and inspiration from this guy, if you do one thing today, check out the twitter background design, immense and unique!
I recently came across his work when I stumbled upon his portfolio and he has some create designs and ideas.
4 'most visionary designers and image makers' designers were chosen, including Henry Holland and Julie Verhoeven. For those who are just to lazy to get that control it apparantly will work straight out of the box to any language or accent (really?!?!). Our very own Michael 'the count' Bisping was fighting at 185 pounds against Chris 'the crippler' Leben. Counter punching with good body kicks thrown in, Bisping inflicted all the damage on Leben. However you could see he was getting slightly frustrated as the fight wore on when things did not go his way.
The shot to fame with those assets as a bikini model and has since snowballed into one of the hottest models on the planet. The 15 inch double sided display is in very early development and was on show at this months International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) in Korea. Alves pretty much dominated Koscheck, my a big shout to Josh who proved his chin is rock solid.
It was more of a chess match and Rich was dominated by Maynards great wrestling and ground control.

The leather flip case protects your phone whilst the integrated battery can upto double your battery life.
Using Life Fitness' revolutionary SelectStride™ technology, the X5 allows you to adjust the stride length for different-sized users in the household or to target different muscle groups.
Then, your coach will useĀ a technique called motivational interviewing (a method used for decades by therapists and military leaders) to go beyond the numbers and give you a much more personalized plan. The boxes will range in price from A?75 upwards and are available from the middle of October. You can tell this is movie is written by Russell Gewirtz (inside man), as it has the sickest ending that makes you think, wow, how did I not see that?! Eventually tiredness got the better of him, towards the end of the first round and Cane came back into the fight. Named the KRANK (it will become clear soon!) a few turns of the handle can give you between 40 and 60 minutes of light.
Into the third round, Cote's knee gave way with a suspected blown ACL and match was given to Anderson as a TKO. The best thing about this fight was the referee telling the guys to 'let's work' constantly and Joe Rogan telling him to shut up!! Great fight and Sherk proved he is still up there with the best after beating the strongly hyped Tyson with a unanamious decision. Lytle's experience told though, using the extra body strength to turn Paul into the cage at will. Pair it with the Track Console for tracking and entertainment features to keep you motivated and enhanced customization to better help you reach your fitness goals. Kumu pairs users with a real live "Wellness Coach" with whom you can text, photo message, and video chat to work towards reaching your fitness goals, whether it's to lose weight, build muscle, or run a marathon.
It uses gyroscopes to power you back and forwards and you just lean left and right to steer (like your average unicycle) and direct yourself. Just into the second round Cane caught Soko with a good leg kick and followed it up with a few punches, taking Soko to the floor. Paul could have took the win with a knockout in the last round when Chris was gassed, but his punches lacked precision and Chris held on for the Unanimous Decision.

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