DeVon Franklin and wife Meagan Good have become quite the admirable married couple these days, who many look up to.
She smoked, drank, and dated high-profile men, while he was an uber clean-cut preacher who'd been celibate for nearly a decade. Before the pair married a year later, they chose to refrain from sex during their courtship, and suggest that others might find this faith-based approach to love as fruitful as they did. The two had known each other four years, but after a first date felt platonic, they weren't sure about moving forward. In their new book, The Wait, DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good discuss their nature of courtship, track to marriage, and the key to their success—waiting. Yet spirit kept nudging them together and the same discipline that they drew upon to refrain from sex helped them become more on point in other areas of their life: in their fitness routines, in budgeting, in their prayer life, and in their willingness to be of service to others.

They suggest that a couple committed to celibacy not let evenings linger too late, avoid intimate touching, as well as alcohol, which can lower defenses.
They advocate consistent prayer and meditation, creating a support system, and carrying a meaningful object or token that reminds one of the commitment to God and to celibacy. The overall effect of their choice was like cleaning out a cluttered house, "where the windows have been opened and 90 percent of the furniture has been moved out. Even for those who aren't contemplating following their lead, the book offers wise advice on becoming a more self-actualized person. But they found that choosing to remain celibate removed distractions, helped them see one another clearly, and put them on track to be blessed with greater God-given opportunities. On the second date, a Prince concert, he grabbed her hand to dash out of the crowd, and that's when they felt sparks.

Though she had been saved since 12, she had reservations about pairing off with such a religious guy.
A gentle space they used to focus on pursuits that would make them better mates to one another.

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