Heart rate variability (HRV) describes the beat-by-beat changes in your heart's pace, essentially the spaces between your heart beats. Scientists in the mental health field continually correlate our ability to change the heart rate appropriately in given scenarios with lower stress and less anxiety and a host of potential benefits such as control of asthma, reduced incidence of autism, and assistance in a wide-range of mental afflictions caused by trauma. Advanced meditators have demonstrated their ability to tune into and, in some cases, control their heart rate with simple awareness. Locate your pulse, either on your neck or your wrist, making sure find a pulse strong enough to hold your attention. In a very keyed-in state, you may feel how your heart rate varies beat by beat - this is your HRV or heart rate variability.
Though she still honors her Taz roots with an athletic-inspired yoga style, Bethany also honors a new-found stillness of heart.

You may think this occurs beyond the reach of your conscious mind, but don't underestimate how much your brain remains in control even when you are not thinking. First, for those of us with attention-span challenges, it presents a focal point that is constantly drawing us back in.
You may practice calling to mind various mental images and watching how your heart rate responds. Despite spending twenty years in a gym or on a soccer field, she never developed a sincerely healthy lifestyle. There is something you can do every day, though, to start honing your ability to control your own heart rate and HRV: pay attention to your heart beat. As you continue to tune in, you may find yourself slowing your heart rate down through breath control and mindful awareness.

The more your heart is able to respond appropriately to the information you feed your brain, the better the potential effects in overcoming stress and trauma-related reactions in your mind and body.
You may also notice your heart rate spike at certain times of day or on days when your stress level is high.

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