Last month, Walmart closed five stores, spurring accusations from a labor union that it did so because of a history of labor activism.
The man in the video goes on to explain how labor unions have spent a lot of money to try to get employees to join a union and telling customers to boycott stores. The Washington Post reported that Walmart confirmed that the video was developed for orientation in 2009. In April, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union filed the charge on behalf of the group OUR Wal-Mart, arguing the chain’s closings were retaliation for labor activism. One affected store, in Pico Rivera, California, has been a hotbed for worker protests against Walmart.

The stores will remain shuttered for up to six months, Walmart spokesman Lorenzo Lopez said. What Happens When Jews, Christians and the Unreligious Are Asked About Morality of Polygamy, Abortion and Homosexuality?
The Walmart company announced Thursday that it will raise the wages of its store employees to $10 per hour by next February, bringing pay hikes to an estimated 500,000 workers. The company has said that the workers would be put on paid leave for two months and it would look to transfer some to nearby stores. Gawker has pointed out other leaked training documents that asks employees to report “all union talk” and provides talking points on what managers should say about unions.

The company announced in February that it was increasing the minimum wage it pays its hourly workers to at least $9 this month and to at least $10 in February 2016. Now, there’s a leaked training video that reveals more on how Walmart talks to is employees about unions. What’s more, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled in 2014 that Walmart violated labor laws when it closed a store in Quebec.

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