Warehouse Safety – Banyak perusahaan belum memandang safety sejajar dengan produktivitas ataupun kualitas. Nyaris 30%-60% investasi perusahaan dalam bentuk persediaan : raw material, work in process, finish good, spare part, dan inventory lainnya. Karyawan Divisi warehouse, PPC dan Pengendalian Inventory yang ingin meningkatkan kompetensinya dalam bidang Warehouse Safety.
Dudung Duhara adalah profesional konsultan yang memfokuskan diri pada bidang Productivity & Quality Management. Silahkan klik link ini atau link Frequently Ask Question untuk mengetahui pertanyaan – pertanyaan yang sering dilontarkan seputar Training yang kami selenggarakan. Materi dan bahan training bisa di mengerti, instruktur training sangat menguasai materi, top banget. Lebih menambah pengetahuan tentang pengelolaan inventory, gudang yang efisien, share pengalaman, dapat menjadi bekal tambahan untuk melakukan perbaikan di perusahaan. RMP discussing the application of Lean Logistics Methods at the summer training sessions of a local logistics company.
The effectiveness of your warehouse and logistics operations has a significant impact on the success of your business.
Indeed effective warehouse and logistics operations are the keys to making a profit and sustaining and growing any business that involves storing and releasing stocks. Raffy Pefianco of RMP Consultancy conducting logistics training at DAG Xpress Courier Inc of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. This seminar will teach you how to optimize and design your warehouse and logistics system to help you give your clients the level of service that they require.

Rafael Pefianco of RMP Consultancy discussing logistics at a major feeds distribution company. We have scheduled several great seminars that can really help you get your job done quickly and efficiently.
If you have staff who need to be trained right away, please give us a call and we can discuss how we can schedule a special class that is tailor fitted to your specific needs. If there is a seminar that you want and it is not yet scheduled, do send us an email or call us and tell us your needs. No, it is not professional warehouse management to throw boxes willy nilly out of a truck and on to the warehouse floor. Maka demikian, implementasi program safety yang komprehensif di gudang, yang mencakup keselamatan barang, keselatan fasilitas, dan keselamatan karyawan, menjadi sangat penting.
Today’s competitive, risky and challenging supply chain environment not only requires a high performance excellence from all the employees in your facility. It will help you reduce your cost, speed up you operations and remain competitive today’s tight market. More emphasis is placed on exercises to allow the participants to learn the material presented in a fun and easy manner. Pefianco MPM FAAPM is a Mechanical Engineer by training, Master in Project Management, a Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management and an international trainer.
Since we have our own training center, we can schedule the seminar on the dates that your participants are available.
After years of training in professional warehouse management (not), sometimes you just have to throw caution to the winds.

LG Innotek Indonesia – Quality Control Engineer, dan Konsultan Manajemen Kualitas dan produktivitas pada PQM Consultants, Jakarta. This Basic Warehouse Operations and Logistics Management seminar will help you understand ways to make the most of all four of your basic resources – space, equipment, time and labor. It will teach you the best practices in maintaining a well-organized warehouse and logistics operations. Then she drove out to a major retailer’s distribution center in a U-Haul to pick up a large donation.
Phitagoras Global Duta, juga menjadi Management Innovation Manager pada sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang chemical dan bio diesel. He is an International trainer whose passion is to enable Filipino professionals to reach world class levels by sharing the insights he has gathered working and teaching abroad and in the Philippines. Dudung adalah lulusan dari Fakultas Teknik Industri, Jurusan Teknik Elektro, Institut Teknologi Nasional, Bandung, dan mendapatkan Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (SSMBB) dari International Quality Federation (IQF), Amerika Serikat. It took so long to load that Betsy lost the help she thought she’d have unloading at CRC World Headquarters. Klien-klien yang telah ditanganinya antara lain : Pencil Lead Indonesia, Goodyear Indonesia, Cometa Can Indonesia, Gramedia Majalah, Sumitomo Electric Wintec Indonesia, DuPont Powder Coatings Indonesia, American Standard Indonesia, Yasulor Indonesia, Linfox Indonesia, Bumimulia Indah Lestari, Sumatera Prima Fibreboard, Indofarma, Bank Syariah Mandiri, Biotis Agrindo, Bank Mandiri, Indonesia Steel Tube Work, Danone Dairy Indonesia, Federal Nittan Indonesia, Actavis Indonesia, Trac Astra, Inter Aneka Kimia Lestari, Schneider Indonesia, Sanyo Prescision Batam, Eterindo Wahanatama, Saitama Stamping Indonesia.

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