The multi-award winning acknowledged master of psychological illusion is back on tour in 2015 with a brand new one-man show, Derren Brown: Miracle.
Discount Derren Brown Miracle tickets are available to order now from Theatre Tickets Direct, the number one supplier of fantastic value tickets to the finest shows to hit London. Guide Dogs: Guide dogs allowed inside the auditorium, alternatively staff can dog-sit (maximum of 4 guide dogs per performance). Having confessed that performing live on stage gives him the greatest pleasure, Derren is, once again, looking forward to the challenge that comes with being acknowledged as one of the world's most renowned live performers; a dark manipulator of magic and mind control.
Since then he has toured every year and been watched by an estimated audience of over one and a half million people.
Whether you’re a looking for a great night’s entertainment, or a tourist wishing to add the experience of an amazing stage show to the magical memories, Theatre Tickets Direct is proud to supply you with discount Derren Brown Miracle tickets for an evening you will never forget.

These are cheaper seats than the Stalls or Royal Circle but still provide a clear view of the stage. Normally, the cheapest seats in the theatre, however, most balcony seats still provide a clear view albeit they are high up and a bit far from the stage.
He has won two prestigious Olivier Awards, for Something Wicked This Way Comes (2006) and Svengali (2012). Transfer seating available to any Stalls aisle seat (maximum of 4 wheelchairs and 1 scooter can be stored at back of Stalls).
Stalls seats are slightly raised as they go back, although this might vary from theatre to theatre. Some people prefer to sit on this part of the theatre to get a sense of the bigger picture and to be able to appreciate the changing set, sceneries and stage effects better.

Bargain hunters or people on a budget may book these as they are really good value for money.
We recommend this seating area for people going with Children and also if you are short in height. 3 steps down from the foyer to the Stalls, 30 steps up to the Dress Circle, 56 to the Upper Circle, 77 to the Balcony, which is very steep.

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