How To Cancel Your Cable And Still Get Free Premium TV Using The Roku Player And The PlayOn App.Looking to cut the cable company cord and save money? Today's streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, don't do a good job of offering a passive, lean back experience. In both cases, the experience has become more about selecting a piece of content than simply watching TV. That’s the central problem plaguing both set top boxes like Roku and Apple TV and content services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Netflix is great when you want to watch something, but it’s terrible when you want to watch anything.
It’s the fundamental reason smart TV and streaming video user interfaces pale in comparison to regular TV for so much of our daily viewing. Channel surfing sounds like a ’90s relic, something we did when we were a nation of mindless couch potatoes, not yet graced with on-demand content and our sophisticated second screens.
The WatchESPN app for Apple TV offers access to live TV channels but buries them behind menus and clicks. Consider how much friction there is in using today’s streaming services, purely on a nuts-and-bolts level.
When compared to the rest of our media diet, though, the bigger problems with streaming services such as Netflix quickly come into focus.

While synonymous with the age of streaming video, Netflix is less like a stream and more like a colossal vending machine. Nate Giraitis, Associate Director, Insights & Strategy at Smart Design, points out that Netflix is very much defined by its origins.
But for Netflix and its ilk to begin eating into those three hours of nightly TV time, it needs proper channels. The new Roku TV is a smarter take on the smart TV, but it will still take too many clicks to breeze through content. Instead of evolving the television experience, TV makers have simply added to it, heaping more streams, more services, and more content onto our sets without rethinking the interfaces for accessing them.
Instead of letting you lean back and soak up content, these new challengers require decisions–a careful cost-benefit analysis of thousands of different options. That daily figure isn’t so high because we’re tuning in to must-see TV—rather, it’s the opposite.
As we’ve heard again and again, the dominant model for organizing digital content throughout the last half-decade has been the stream.
It recently tweaked its UI so that the next episode of a TV series starts automatically after you finish one, simulating the always-something-on-next effect of regular TV.
This awesome app transcodes streams that are not fully compatible with the Roku (flash streams) into the Roku player to make a playable and watchable format.

If the traditional TV experience is about letting viewers surf channels, today’s on-demand video is like giving them a speedboat and forcing them choose a destination before they can even get in the water. Even with the fistful of live TV apps now available on the device, the experience has none of the fluidity of real TV. Netflix offers thousands of options for what to watch, but instead of giving you a chance to skip through and sample them, it makes you evaluate each one, like a title on a video-store shelf. We change into comfortable clothes, drink a glass of wine, make dinner, surf the web a little bit from a couch. Channel surfing is beautifully elegant in terms of input and output: a pure one-to-one relationship between tactile action and visual stimulus. You just have to click into ESPN, see what’s on, click back, then click ESPN 2, and so forth.
Nielsen pegs it even higher, at 42 hours a week, with only three of those hours happening on laptops or mobile devices.
In between all those things we click around from channel to channel to find something to fill the air.

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