I'm New Art of Living Course (18+ yrs)Discover your unlimited power and freedom - not as a concept, but as a direct experience. Next Steps Art of SilenceGo beyond your usually active mind and experience peace and renewed vitality through guided meditations. RegisterAdvanced CoursesAdvanced courses designed to enhance the various aspects of your life. Violence-free society, disease-free body, quiver-free breath, inhibition-free intellect anda trauma-free memory is the birth right of every individual.
Lifestyle Programs Personality Development Discover your hidden talents – which you possibly didn't know existed! Spiritual Experience Experience the absolute truth, highest knowledge and unparalleled bliss. Get started with yogaHow often do you say ‘yoga is not for me.’ You might want to revisit your thought. Meditation Get Started with MeditationOur experts share tips to ensure you come out of your meditation fresh, clear and rejuvenated. Teenagers and Meditation"We become more innovative and dynamic" shares a teenager who regular meditates. Spiritual blossoming simply means blossoming in life in all dimensions,being happy, at ease with yourself and with everybody around you. On Tour With Sri SriKeep with the Sri Sri as he travels around the world, inspiring people towards a stress-free, violence-free world. Official WebsiteThrough his life and work, Sri Sri has inspired millions around the world with a vision of a stress-free, violence-free world. Who are we About UsThe Art of Living transforms societies by instilling a vision, making role models, promoting a sense of community and giving people a voice.
Service Initiatives Our Holistic ApproachThe Art of Living transforms societies by instilling a vision and promoting a sense of community.

We all have the responsibility of bringing peace to every corner of the world.Unless every member of our global family is peaceful, our peace is incomplete. What Sri Sri Said todayFind answers to your questions, from daily life to spirituality to business.
Knowledge SheetsPractical tips for better living - Short knowledge which will be your guide to better living, tranforming the most challenging of situtations to one of peace with ease. Know More Questions and AnswersYou ask, Sri Sri answers - Whatever be your question, chances are here you will find your answer here. Read MoreWisdom QuotesShort quotes to brighten your day - Sometimes all it takes are a few words to change your life.
The Art of Living has been undertaking water management on a large scale, especially in agrarian villages. Watershed management involves the judicious use of natural resources with active participation of institutions, organizations and peoples' participation in harmony with the ecosystem.
This entry was posted in Campus Announcement, Community and tagged environment, epa, gogue, watershed on October 7, 2008 by Wire Eagle. Auburn University President Jay Gogue and officials from the EPA and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management signed a memorandum of understanding to formalize the partnership between Auburn, the EPA and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. The EPA program works with colleges and universities to provide communities with hands-on, practical products and services to solve watershed problems, such as pollution control and water availability. Wheeler Reservoir has significant problems with pollution due to hazardous waste buried orleaking into the karst on Redstone Arsenal, agricultural runoff, industry, etc. The written output from each breakout group was displayed during an exhibit and networking session.
An audience of approximately fifty people sat theatre style at the open end of the U-shaped formation.
Open to all who have completed an Art of Living Course.Find a follow up near youWisdom SeriesCommentaries on ancient sacred texts, by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, presented in a simplified manner which can be applied to daily modern life.

Today, this humanitarian, spiritual leader inspires one of the world's largest volunteer-run NGOs. The initiative includes educating farmers about the judicious usage of water, and teaching them to construct check dams and gabin dams that store rain water. Environmental Protection Agency today designated Auburn University as a Center of Excellence for Watershed Management, enhancing Auburn’s efforts to address water quality and availability issues in Alabama and the region.
Some of the benefits of being a recognized Center of Excellence include receipt of EPA technical assistance and EPA letters of support for grant opportunities.
Auburn also will rely on affiliated academic departments, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Alabama Agriculture Experiment Station, Alabama Water Watch, as well as non-AU affiliated groups like the Alabama Clean Water Partnership. Environmental Protection Agency today designated Auburn University as a Center of Excellence for Watershed Management. This is only the fourth Center of Excellence to be designated in the Southeast and the first in the state of Alabama.
Participating in the signing of a memorandum of understanding were (left to right) Trey Glenn, director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Jay Gogue, president of Auburn University, and Jim Giattina, director of the EPA Region 4 Water Management Division.
Hundreds of poor and marginal farmers rely on degraded land and water resources and struggle to cope with a diverse array of agro-climatic, production and market risks.
The rate of land degradation in rain fed areas in India is high, on account of soil erosion. How to produce more and better food and maintain or improve critical ecosystem services without further undermining our environment is a major challenge.

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