As an alternative or addition to selling products or digital goods on your website, you’re now able to sell in Facebook groups. If you don’t yet see this option in your Facebook group, take the opportunity to learn how selling works. If your business sells a video training course, give customers who purchase it access to a private Facebook group as part of the package. Those who run a regular Twitter or online chat, or even have a running discussion on their Facebook page, may want to separate it from their business.
MediaChat uses their public group to share more information about chat guests, offer member deals and give shout-outs. Remember to let participants know about your Facebook group and page (if applicable) during your chat. One of the easiest ways to use Facebook groups for business is to become a resource in your field. For example, members of the Internet Marketing Super Friends group, numbering more than 13,000, pride themselves on helping other Internet marketers. Create a secret Facebook group, invite some of your best customers and openly discuss new ideas you’re thinking about implementing in your business. This type of group provides a way to build stronger relationships with customers, while helping business owners collect honest feedback on what their customers might like.
The reason to start a secret group, instead of a closed or public one, is because secret groups can’t be located in search or accessed via URL.
If you want to make your customer service Facebook group easy to find, create a closed group. If you’re putting on a live or online conference for your business, and you want to communicate with the speakers you have lined up, consider creating a Facebook group. Convey insider details about the event and answer additional questions new speakers might have. This also lets you give your speakers the opportunity to network and get to know each other and build rapport prior to the event.
If you have a lot of ideas and want someone to help vet them, create a Facebook mastermind group. Once you create this group, use it as an online meeting place to discuss ideas and get help from a few of your well-respected peers. For those whose business communicates primarily on Facebook, create a Facebook group to bring your employees together. If you do plan to use Facebook groups internally, be sure to have a social media policy ready and have your employees agree to it first.
Whether you have your own group or participate in them, it’s valuable to know how Facebook groups can help your business so utilize them to their full potential.
Small groups are powerful not only because life change happens in the context of relationships but also because they provide ministry and leadership opportunities to women. Small groups allow women to experience healthy, authentic community—maybe even for the first time.
Small groups empower women to serve others whether or not they're the leader of the group.
Sarah, a successful CPA with two children, was driving home from the office when she got a call.
Small groups empower women to lead in the local church, providing opportunities for women to minister in meaningful ways. Small-group ministry opens doors for women to lead in ways that other ministries don't.

But small groups provide leadership and ministry opportunities for women wired like me, women who get energized by gathering people together and helping them take the next step in their relationship with Christ. The small-group structure affords women opportunities to fulfill their God-given potential in many ways. Life change happens in and through relationships, and small groups are a perfect format to create the types of life-giving environments where women can grow in their relationship with others and with God.
More on Women in the Small-Group MovementWomen in the History of Small GroupsFrom Pentecost to the modern small-group movement, women have always been involved.
Simple Small Groups that Go DeepIF: Table is serving up relationships that challenge, support, and encourage. When Discipleship Opportunities Are Few, Make Your OwnOne woman’s burden for discipleship led to a Bible study for women who crave depth. What You Can Do to Develop More Women Small-Group PastorsDespite a plethora of female group leaders, few small-group pastors are women.
Empower Small-Group LeadersRelease your leaders to lead without micromanaging or giving total freedom. Christianity Today strengthens the church by richly communicating the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful Gospel.
URGENT KILL SHELTER-they do not list their available animals publicly on a daily or even weekly basis for public view.
You are almost constantly online; But are you sure that you are successfully promoting your eLearning professional identity? Listen to Social Media Marketing Podcast helps your business thrive with social media episodes free, on demand. Interest in social media and instant messaging apps continues to increase, which means consumers are constantly looking for niched platforms for more interactive and real-time conversations. Read more about Hero MotoCorp launches online sales of two-wheelers on own website on Business Standard. They can ask questions and get supplementary material, as well as forge a bond with other customers. While this could be through a contact form on your website or through your Facebook page, a secret Facebook group is another option. Plus, use the group to share any templates and files with your speakers to reduce the number of requests you receive. This will help you avoid wasting too much time or money on an idea that just won’t work.
Remember to use some of the built-in features, such as file sharing and group search, to quickly recall meeting notes. Then invite your employees, virtual assistants or interns to join, and use it as a means to communicate with your team. This way, the private discussions among your employees don’t end up on public social media channels.
So even if you create a Facebook group, you’ll still want a Facebook page for your business. When fans engage with your content, it increases your visibility to others in their network. They serve to strengthen communication, connections and visibility, as well as help you grow your business. Through small groups, I've had a front-row seat to women entering into a relationship with Jesus, being set free from all types of addictions, developing deep friendships, and seeing their marriages restored. Sitting in my living room was a group of 30 women gathered for the first week of a study on Lisa Bevere's book Lioness Arising.

Julie, another woman in her small group, had been in a car accident and rushed to the hospital. Small-group leaders have the opportunity to stretch their leadership muscles and connect people, learn to really listen to group members, and encourage the people they lead. For women wired to lead, this is a welcome opportunity not afforded in many other ministries in the church. There are several leadership roles within small-group ministry that women can fill: small-group leaders, coaches, and directors.
Small groups are a wonderful vehicle for us to lead women to becoming more fully devoted followers of Christ.
LinkedIn is a social network that has been used by countless employers and business professionals to connect, hire, and market.
Plus, it gives your business the opportunity to forge deeper connections with their customers and promote other courses and services. The group can be a channel for introducing new teammates, sharing company updates and more. Since my childhood I've had issues with women, but through small groups I have found that we are the greatest influence to encourage each other.
They get to create life-giving atmospheres within their group where group members feel loved, safe, and encouraged. There is no other place she would rather serve than holding babies so young moms can attend service knowing their babies are safe.
Often, this becomes a clear leadership ladder that leaders can climb as they demonstrate their leadership ability. Inspire life-changing community with our free weekly newsletter and receive regular access to innovative training resources, Bible-based curriculum, and practical articles. However, the greatest joy for me is when a woman finds her voice and begins leading a group.
I kept reading Scripture that talked about fellowship being important and how we lean on each other for support and confess our sins to each other so that we may be healed. Every week, the group gathered to read and study the book, but something deeper happened—something more meaningful. Now I live those Scriptures through small groups with wonderful, godly women who love the Lord as I do, and we can relate to the ups and downs of life together. Once her husband was home from work and could watch the children, Sarah went to the hospital to visit and pray with Julie. Often, these opportunities aren't available to women in other places within the church, which leads me to my next point. Each level of leadership pours into the next so that everyone involved is cared for and developed. For example, if a woman has a baby, her small-group members coordinate meals for her family. Sarah didn't have to be the leader of her group to lean into her gifts and help Julie in her time of need. Liz is a behind-the-scenes person, and I'm an out-front person, and we need both to make up the different parts of the body of Christ. During the 12-week small group, friendships were birthed and women became more fully devoted followers of Christ.

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