Western Digital has boosted the capacity of its My Book Studio Edition II external dual-drive array, with a new 6TB model. The obvious omission is Intel Thunderbolt, with Western Digital missing the opportunity to get the first Thunderbolt-toting external drive on the market (and thus make some 2011 MacBook Pro owners very happy). Interestingly, whereas opening up many external drives will instantly see your warranty evaporate, WD is happy for owners to swap out the internal storage on their own. Combining its extended 6 TB storage capacity and compatibility with Apple® Time Machine®, the new My Book Studio Edition II drive becomes an instant storage solution for a variety of professions including art and design, photography, legal and medical, and a host of other small businesses. This week, our parks celebrated the start of a Monstrous Summer and the debut of a few new summer offerings. Here at Magic Kingdom Park, the nighttime castle projection show, “Celebrate the Magic,” introduced a new summer-themed segment that stars Disney characters Lilo, Stitch, Ariel, Sebastian and Goofy.

A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas also opened at Magic Kingdom Park this week. Over at Disneyland park guests saw the curtain rise on the new stage show, “Mickey and the Magical Map.” This new show, which is housed in the newly renovated Fantasyland Theatre, features live performances of favorite Disney tunes (as well as an original song), and amazing technology.
Another thing to love about fall at Disney Parks – in addition to colorful decor, Halloween parties and trick-or-treating – are the special seasonal treats that are making their way into our parks. Earlier today, Anna & Elsa, the royal sisters from “Frozen” were officially welcomed at Hollywood Studios, well, for the first time in forever!
Still, you do get Time Machine compatibility, and WD throw in some backup software in the box as well. The new capacity provides users 33 percent more storage than the previous capacity, while maintaining the same footprint.

Now, guests can join the ranks of Captain Jack and embark on any of five pirate raids through Adventureland to locate treasure and fight off enemies like the Royal Navy and Captain Barbossa. It seems like everyone that has commented on this post all have experienced exactly the same problem. Thank youi»?Matic Kozar: Same here, full disc but no acces, disc cant initializei»?DS: same here!

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