ConceptDraw PRO is the best program to create flowcharts allows you create professional looking flowcharts. Use ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and business graphics software to draw your own business process flowcharts. If you have a business or plan to start one, or if you just want to build an internet business to make money online, you have probably given at least a little thought to the website creation process to help your customers find you online.
For example, one goal that I hear repeatedly is that people want to make money with their website. What is the primary goal of the site – To drive customers to your physical location, to place an order immediately, to gather contact information for prospects, or for image and brand building? Will customers actually be able to place their order and pay with a credit card directly on your site?
Will you provide basic information on your site and encourage people to call you to follow-up? Will you provide detailed pricing information or just a list of your products and services? Do you need any special interactive elements on your site like access to a database, a special search function, live chat, a data feed, or secure areas that are not accessible to the general public? The answers to these questions will be very helpful to guide you through the rest of the website creation process. Your site may require the use of additional pages depending upon your specific business and the legal requirements for your industry. Now, with all that legal stuff out of the way, you are ready to begin the most interesting part of website creation, building pages to hold all your great content. For ideas, visit other websites in your niche to see what kind of information they provide online, how its formatted, and note what you could do in your website creation process that would rise above your competition. Working from your page outline you can now begin to collect and create all the content for your new site.
Call to Action – To encourage the reader to take action by buying, calling you, providing their email address, or any other action you want. It’s also a good idea to add some graphics or visual elements to the page to break up the blocks of text to make it more readable. Static HTML sites have been popular since the beginning of the Internet and are as versatile and effective today as they were in the past.
The only downside to website creation using static HTML sites is the learning curve required to actually do the coding work. Using a content management system like WordPress you can design and build your site quickly and easily by using basic computer skills and a bit of trial and error. WordPress also utilizes a system called themes to help you control the look and functionality of the site. While I still have some old HTML static sites live on the web, in the last few years I have converted many of my sites to WordPress, and I use WordPress almost exclusively for new website creation. The final step to the actual website creation process is to put your site on a computer called a server, where it is connected to the internet so that anyone anywhere in the world can see it.
You will also want to continue your link-building and SEO to maintain and improve your rankings in all the search engines. To help you understand how visitors are interacting with your website, you need the help of website analytics software, and there are many such programs to choose from.

The purpose of an online form is to allow interaction between visitors to a site and the web owner. Having specific fields can help to make sure the user provides all necessary information to help with an enquiry.
Many social networking websites use forms to allow users to tell their friends what they are doing.
At the end of a project it is important to evaluate the finished product and also to consider the things that went well and the things that could be done better next time. This section will guide you through the process of evaluating your website and the way that you worked. Unless you’re making a conscious decision to live off the grid, the vast majority of your day involves interacting with brands and their products.
It seems obvious, that people would spend their money on things that improve their lives, but it isn’t always the case. The software delivers built-in object libraries with vector stencils that allows you to use RapidDraw technology. Assembling all the various pieces of technology, content, and marketing is a process that will be guided by your initial planning, so creating some kind of plan, however simple or complex, should be a priority. You should clearly understand what you are trying to achieve with your website, and what actions you would like your website visitors to take.
But nearly everyone would like to make money from their site.  You must dig a little deeper to determine exactly how you intend to accomplish this.
If you are not sure about something, understand that all these elements can be added at a later date, but if you know you will need them, it is easier to include them in you plan now.
It is always wise to seek guidance from your legal adviser and your insurance agent to be certain you have basic protection in place. Make a list for each page of your website and start making notes about the purpose of the page, what kind of content you want on that page, and how each page should be linked to the other pages through your site navigation.
This includes writing all the articles you’ll need as well as gathering any photos, graphics, company logos, tables, or any other information you want to share with visitors on your website. You can do this simply by adding a photo, drawing or illustration, and by formatting your text with appropriate headlines, sub headlines, and bullet points or numbered lists which all add some visual variety to the page.
The most popular systems used today for website creation are static HTML sites and sites built using WordPress. An experienced web designer can easily create beautiful sites that are efficient with resources, well optimized, and attractively display all the necessary content. If you understand how to write HTML code and how to write and modify CSS, a software editor like Adobe Dreamweaver is hard to beat. The WordPress platform was actually designed for bloggers and was specifically designed for easy website creation. A theme is like a complete site face-lift that changes the layout, colors, functionality, type face, and the SEO optimization controls. The server that provides your site with access to the internet is known as a web-host or a hosting company. Your website creation is nearly complete, but for real ongoing success, the process is never really finished. A favorite for many, and the one I use and recommend, is a completely free tool from Google called Google Analytics.

One of the simplest types of form is a log in box where the visitor enters a username and password on a shopping website or a forum. For example, this form from Amazon asks users to write reviews of books that they have read. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter make use of simple text boxes, such as the one below, to provide status updates or post comments.
This will allow you to grow and develop as a designer and become more confident in the websites that you produce in the future. Others corporate identities are so tainted that you can’t feel good tying your name and dollars to them.
No matter what business you are in, you are placing yourself at a serious disadvantage if you don’t have a website to communicate online with prospects and customers. For the majority of webmasters, the above pages will provide your visitors with adequate disclosure, satisfy the requirements of the FTC, comply with recommended practices of the Google webmaster guidelines, and help to assure a good user experience.
I would plan on a minimum of two categories, with a maximum of perhaps 6, or even 8 categories.
However, if you don’t currently have these skills, and have no burning desire to become an advanced web designer, I recommend you take a different and much easier path with your website creation. In fact, it is easy enough to use so that just about everyone can master basic skills quickly. For a small monthly fee, they provide the electronic equipment and the technicians to keep everything operating as it should.
There is always something else to be done to make your site better like add new content, communicate with customers and site visitors, and analyze what you are doing, what is successful, and what needs improvement. This program, along with the Google Webmaster Tools, provides all the information you need to monitor and improve your new website creation to keep it running efficiently and profitably.
A new global survey has identified a key weapon for brands in that battle: Make consumers’ lives better. Any more than this will make the website creation process unnecessarily difficult by making the site navigation too complicated, and it may actually interfere with your visitors finding the information they need. Of course, like any system, there are many advanced ways to use WordPress to increase functionality and make your site unique and special, but these advanced skills are not necessary to turn out a nice looking site that is both attractive and functional. It’s these companies that rose to the top of Havas Media’s second annual Meaningful Brands Index, which was released today and features Google in first place, followed by Samsung, Microsoft, Nestle, and Sony. Just for speed, I almost always start with my plan laid out on paper to get a visual concept of the project.
And it’s working: An index of Havas’s Meaningful Brands would have outperformed the stock market by 120% last year. Then, after I refine my notes a bit, I start adding details in a Word document using text-boxes to visually represent pages.

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