MakeOver is a game that lets young girls discover and experiment with makeup, hairstyles and other makeover activities using their very own face!
Petz Fantasy and Petz Nursery 2 are winners of the 2010 National Parenting Publication Awards!
With today’s fractured attention spans, 8 seconds is all you have to hook your clients on the net. And you need to create a deep level of engagement by speaking to your future clients in a conversational tone, not the robot-speak or fluffery I see on so many real estate sites these days.
So, you’ve cleverly made a decision to update your about page, landlord and tenants pages, sellers page and you need fresh copy for your staff profiles too.
That’s thousands of words, and any good copy writer will probably charge you thousands of dollars to get that done, not to mention the waiting time involved. The right message: The right message will connect with their inner dialog (the conversation already going on in their mind), it will grab their attention, and it will compel them to take action.

We wanted to make this package affordable for all – from start-up agencies, to established agencies who need a new feel for their site, so for access to all of the above, it’s only $197.
AboutKaren Hutton loves working for smart real estate agents who realise customised, 'story-driven' real estate copywriting and 'WOW-creating' property styling are essential elements in attracting and engaging the best home buyers who’ll happily pay a premium price. A reflection and celebration of the Southern California lifestyle, Gypsy05's visionary brand of effortless clothing for women, men and children exudes beauty and balance through feminine silhouettes. It may take some getting use to, a few things have moved around a bit but you’ll find the new website is sleek and sophisticated. It’s written so that you can add in just a little bit here and there to personalise it to your agency. One feature to check out while you’re there is Colour Play, it allows you to explore different products by area, product form, finish and coverage in your color of choice. So you can’t afford to use anything but the clearest and easiest language to comprehend.

Play with different styles and talk about the purpose of various makeup items and what amount of makeup is appropriate for her, all with Style Lab Makeover.Host a makeover session with your daughter using Style Lab Makeover. Create faces for both you and your daughter in Style Lab Makeover, and give each other virtual makeovers!
Try on different shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, blusha€¦ even tons of funky, fashionable, and unique hair styles and colors!

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