For many years Jan struggled to keep her weight down, she tried every fad diet, joined and rejoined the popular slimming clubs and learnt the frustrating lesson that unrealistic targets and food deprivation don’t work in the long run. Jan’s passion for health and fitness encouraged her to do in-depth research into what really works. With her passion and experience,  she is committed to helping you, and inspiring you, to realise achievable and sustainable health and fitness. Be inspired and motivated working out in our private luxury Berkhamsted fitness suite on the highest quality equipment, whilst enjoying the latest audio visual equipment. Learn to tone your core and build your flexibility whilst getting into shape and sculpting your body.
All copyright and intellectual property rights on this website are vested in Stepchange Personal Training. Geordie Shore starlet Holly Hagan strips off in her crisp white Calvin Klein's in this latest photo shoot flaunting her much talked about weight loss.
Holly has transformed her image and figure over the past 3 years and she puts it all down to a simple diet and exercise plan which she has penned to paper and released her 12 week 'Body Bible'. Holly has taken a massive step this week when opening up about her self-harm battle after she wrote about it in her new autobiography, Not Quite A Geordie.
Opening up about this part of her childhood has helped Holly come to terms with how she felt and how she has turned her life around and she is so grateful for all of her fans support. Reveal Online recently reported Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan's incredible weight loss and bikini body via her Instagram.
The Middlesbrough lass has put up a few revealing snaps showing off her shrinking waistline in some skimpy bikinis while she enjoys a girly holiday in Ibiza.

Holly has been working hard recently to lose some weight and she looks amazing showing off her slim figure!
Holly Hagan shows off her slimmed down waist line as she was pictured leaving a shoot in Liverpool last week.
Holly recently revealed her ever slender frame on Twitter, with this snap of her tiny waist! She also revealed recently that she has been using waist training corsets to achieve an even tinier waist. Holding up her top while wearing new pink skinnies, the reality star said: "Argh every time! Holly appeared at the Beauty UK show this weekend in Birmingham and she was more than excited to be showing us her 'au natural' look. Popular PostsMarnie Simpson Shows Off Her Amazing PhysiqueLiving in the Geordie Shore house cannot be healthy. Lose weight and keep it off using StepChange Personal Training’s unique combination of personal fitness training, and healthy weight management.
Our eating plans are based on optimal nutrition for effective, quick weight loss, with 10 years of tried and tested success. The personal trainers she hired,  made her fitness level improve but the weight still refused to budge. They must not be altered, deleted, copied, reproduced, published, sold, rented, transmitted, distributed or used without authorisation from Stepchange Personal Training.
Leaving very little to the imagination, the Middlesbrough lass shows off her new 3 stone lighter hourglass figure and doesn't she look stunning!

After bullying at school, Holly returned home and stared in the mirror analysing her features. She has shown dedication as on Saturday she told her Twitter followers: "Cooking eggs in Ibiza while everyone eats pizza! The Geordie Shore star complains of never being able to find clothes that fit her small waist properly.
Holly received a full head of hair extensions (lucky her) as she was modelling for her hair brand, Easilocks. We believe in healthy, wholesome food with regular meals and snacks that fit into your lifestyle. Jan dropped 4 dress sizes and several years ago established the results-focussed company, StepChange Personal Training, to enable you, her  clients, to lose weight, get fit, improve your health and look and feel great through a combination of scientifically-based exercise and fat loss diets. The diets have easy to prepare recipes and ready prepared wholesome food integrated into the eating plan for the busy times in your life.
Previous research has shown that exercise can slow the growth of breast cancer tumours, while separate research has highlighted the role that exercise can play in recovery after sufferers enter remission. You will have StepChange Personal Training support all the way providing you with one to one weight management support to make sure that the weight you take off stays off.

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