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CPA Scott Landau holds a ball he drew from a rotating drum as charter school business administrator Theresa Shirley records its number Thursday night. (Photo by John T.
For the first time in its 17-year history, the Red Bank Charter School conducted a lottery engineered to give socioeconomically disadvantaged children a better shot at winning seats Thursday night.
Charter school Superintendent Meredith Pennotti greeted district Superintendent Jared Rumage before the lottery began. (Photo by John T.
At Thursday night’s low-key event, which drew about 30 parents and children, the pre-K-through-eighth grade school had just 10 open seats — all of them in pre-K. Of the 31 applications received for the pre-K class that begins in September, 10 were for children with older siblings in the school. Pennotti said she did not know the number of applications received for disadvantaged children, and would put the data out in a press release after all parents have been notified, by mail, next week, of their standing now that the lottery is complete. Sixteen applications were for siblings of enrolled students, according to a tally of numbers announced before each class drawing. Among those in attendance was local district Superintendent Jared Rumage, who chatted amiably with Pennotti before the drawing.
05.31 - Kids Playgroup at MTPL Middletown Township Public Library invites all ages AND their parents or caregivers to a 'Tech Free' play session that encourages kids to explore 'hands on' activities and develop social skills, while grownups are welcome to chat and connect. 05.31 - Totally Terrific Tuesdays at Oceanic Library Tweens in grades 4 to 6 are invited to make an organic facial mask at the Oceanic Free Library, with registration required (please bring a small jar with lid). 05.31 - Terrific Preschool Tuesdays at Oceanic Library Toddlers and caregivers are invited to join Barbara Chung for a free activity program at the Oceanic Free Library, with registration required.
05.31 - Knitting and Scrabble at MTPL Middletown Township Public Library invites all adults to join these weekly Tuesday afternoon groups. 06.01 - Noble Writers at MTPL Middletown Township Public Library hosts a free weekly Wednesday morning meeting of the writing group for women, with all welcome to join and no registration required. 06.01 - Magical Musical Me at MTPL Middletown Township Public Library invites ages 2 to 6 to the Children's Program Room, to sing, dance, wiggle, giggle, shake and play with fun props and different musical instruments. 06.01 - $$5 Bag Sale at Red Bank Library New and old favorites, CDs, DVDs and children's books, all offered for sale on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of each month, with all proceeds to benefit the Friends of the Red Bank Public Library.
06.01 - Drop—In LEGO Free Play at MTPL Middletown Township Public Library invites grades K on up to create with Lego bricks.
06.01 - Intro to Robotics at MTPL Middletown Township Public Library invites ages 9 to 12 to join students from High Technology High School in an introduction to the basics of robotics and programming. 06.02 - Author Mimi Cross at River Road Books The award winning Jersey Shore musician turned young adult novelist visits River Road Books in Fair Haven, for a reading and book signing keyed to her latest book, SHINING SEA. 06.02 - Neighbors Helping Neighbors at MTPL Middletown Township Public Library hosts a free weekly Thursday morning meeting of the support group for people who are re—entering the job market, struggling small business owners and anyone looking for part—time or volunteer work. 06.02 - Comedy Night Live at The Dub Chris Covert of Jersey Jokers presents the latest in a regular series of standup comedy Open Mics, in which some of the region's future stars (and ha ha hopefuls) are showcased upstairs at the Dublin House.
06.02 - Russian for Beginners at MTPL Middletown Township Public Library hosts a free weekly Thursday evening instructional session for adults only, at 7 pm. 06.02 - Yarn Arts at RBPL Red Bank Public Library invites knitting and crocheting enthusiasts (no experience necessary) to join a new group of likeminded crafters who meet and work on their own projects on the first and Thursday of each month in the downstairs meeting room. 06.03 - Yoga for Adults All levels of experience welcome to attend a free Friday afternoon session at Red Bank Library.
06.03 - Horseshoe Crab Walk at Sandy Hook The American Littoral Society invites participants to take an evening walk along Plum Island to look for spawning horseshoe crabs. 06.03 - Chess for kids at MTPL Middletown Township Public Library invites ages 6 and up to learn the planning, confidence, patience and fun of playing chess from other young players, in a weekly Friday session. 06.03 - NJ Emerging Artists series at Monmouth Museum The Museum on the Lincroft campus of Brookdale Community College hosts a free opening reception for 'The Rhythms of the Sea,' an exhibit of cold wax encaustic paintings by Lorraine DeProspo. 06.03 - First Friday Book Discussion Group at MTPL Middletown Township Public Library hosts a monthly book club event, with coffee served at 9 am. 06.04 - Annual Strawberry Festival The Shrewsbury Presbyterian Church hosts the annual free event featuring home decor shoppe, handmade crafts, used books, jewelry and accessories, plus cookout lunch, homemade baked goods and of course, those famous strawberry desserts.
06.04 - Game Day at RBPL Red Bank Public Library invites all ages to drop in at the Children's Room every Saturday for board games, coloring sheets, and a special make ‘n take craft. 06.01 - Shrewsbury Zoning Board Meets first Wednesday of the month at Municipal Complex, 7 pm. 06.02 - Red Bank Zoning Board Meets first and third Thursdays each month at Borough Hall 6 pm.
06.02 - Fair Haven Zoning Board Meeting on the first Thursday of the month, at Borough Hall.
06.06 - Shrewsbury Mayor and Council Meets first and third Mondays of the month at Borough Hall, 7 pm. 06.06 - Middletown Township Committee Workshop Meeting Meets first Monday of the month at 8 pm, 1 Kings Highway. 06.14 - Red Bank Board of Education Work Session Open agenda preparation work session meetings, held on the second Tuesday of the month at the Middle School Media Center. 06.14 - Red Bank Environmental Commission Meets second and fourth Tuesdays in Council chambers, 7 pm. At one point, only six percent of students at Central Park School for Children in Durham, NC qualified for free and reduced meals.

In the 1980s, Chinese man Wang Hongcheng claimed that he had invented a magic liquid that turned ordinary water into gasoline. By the 1990s, Wang had pilfered about $37 million in government funds to support his supposed research. Wang achieved a legendary status among some conspiracy theorists, who are certain the Chinese government imprisoned him because he withheld his secret for free energy. Although Gomez and his friends told the buyers that they had to wait for some time before getting the cars, and they could not access the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) due to a judge’s gag order, several congregations fell for the scam. Although everything seemed fine at first, the contestants became suspicious when Gillard revealed the rules of the game.
In an eight-year-long scam that made fools of wine connoisseurs, Indonesian native Rudy Kurniawan manufactured cheap counterfeit wine out of his kitchen in California and passed it off as genuine vintages. Authorities put an end to Kurniawan’s operation when they raided his house in March 2012 and found incriminating evidence. Having failed to strike it big during California’s Gold Rush, veteran prospectors and cousins Philip Arnold and John Slack figured they could still enrich themselves through less-than-scrupulous methods: selling a non-existent diamond mine.
The two men started their scheme by depositing a bag of diamonds into the Bank of California in 1871.
After some lucrative offers, the two men finally revealed that they had discovered a diamond mine. They would have gotten away with it, were it not for the timely arrival of legendary geologist Clarence King in the area in 1872.
Nick Perry was an announcer working for a local TV station, one that also broadcasted Pennsylvania’s local three-digit lottery game Daily Number.
Perry secretly placed weighted ping-pong balls in the machines and left those with the numbers 4 and 6 unchanged, thereby largely limiting combinations to these two numbers.
As expected, the rigged machines picked up the numbers 6-6-6 as the winning combination, earning the conspirators more than $1 million in payouts. After the initial euphoria died down, however, people wondered why the announcement appeared in only two newspapers. The scheme came undone in 1979 when scientist Jules Horowitz put the machine’s detecting prowess to the test.
Although Cincinnati native Steve Warshak, the founder of Berkeley Nutraceuticals in 2001, fleeced countless males into buying his non-working male herbal enhancement pill Enzyte, that wasn’t his gravest sin. First-time customers enrolled (usually without their knowledge) in this program received a steady supply of Enzyte pills in the mail and were billed for it even though they never placed an order. After complaints, authorities raided Warshak’s headquarters in 2005 and uncovered evidence of the company’s shocking corporate practices. So the lottery turned out to be a way of prioritizing a waiting list, with siblings of current students getting preference over those without siblings in the school. So the upshot was that others can enroll only if those ahead of them transfer out, an infrequent occurrence. Children whose parents could demonstrate socioeconomic need, as demonstrated by qualification for one of four public assistance programs, were given three bingo balls in the lottery, compared to two for children not considered disadvantaged.
No registration necessary; bring acrylics, pastels, watercolors, charcoal or pencils (no oils, please). Proceeds and suggested donations will go to local charitable organizations, and the displays will be open for public viewing on June 3 (10 am to 5 pm), through June 9 during business hours. Callman Hall Courtroom, Borough Hall, 80 East River Road on the second Thursday of each month. A gravity pick machine has a chamber with rotating paddles inside, spinning in opposite directions. After enacting a weighted lottery that prioritizes low-income families, that number is up to 18 percent. However, some scams (like the ones below) were so obvious that only an idiot would have fallen for them.
He was just an amateur chemist with no advanced education, but that didn’t stop numerous government agencies (including the military) from believing his claims.
After a series of investigations by scientists, Wang also found himself on the receiving end of government ire after he failed to produce the desired product.
The scam began in 1998, when Los Angeles teen security guard Robert Gomez announced in his local church that his wealthy adoptive father had died and wished to give away his fleet of cars. When the scheme finally fell apart in 2002, the teenage con men and their accomplices had fleeced some $21 million out of their victims, with an estimated $9 million unrecovered to this day.
He was so convincing that some the contestants even left their jobs and sold their homes to join the show. Split into three teams, the contestants had to make $1.5 million to win the show’s top prize of $150,000. Kurniawan first burst onto the wine world in the 2000s, dazzling his clients with claims that he had discovered a “magic wine cellar” in Europe. His clients only became suspicious after they noticed irregularities in the labels and dates on the bottles.
Rumors of the deposit, along with the pair’s reluctance to reveal their source, roped in some prominent investors, including Bank of California owner William Ralston and two generals from the army. To seal the deal, they led their investors to a site they had salted beforehand with uncut gems.
King and his team, who had already combed the site, found evidence of salting and revealed his findings to the investors. His lackeys bought a great many tickets using those numbers across Pennsylvania and also placed their bets on with bookies on the street. However, the ominous combination plus the many tickets purchased with those numbers raised rumors of a fix. By noon of that same day, the Associated Press and the White House categorically denied the dispatch’s claims.
Ironically, the president did issue a real proclamation two months later—only this time, he called for 500,000 soldiers. Italian engineer Aldo Bonassoli and Belgian count Alain de Villegas approached oil company Elf Aquitaine in 1976, asking for funds to perfect their machine to detect oil hidden deep underground.

In the pair’s lab at Brussels, Horowitz asked Bonassoli to detect a ruler he had hidden behind a wall. It later stirred great controversy in France when the new administration discovered their predecessors’ cover-up and revealed it to the public. The crime that forced his company into bankruptcy and got him jail time was his infamous “Auto-ship” program. To make things worse, Warshak capitalized on the customer’s fear of sexual inadequacy to make refunds near-impossible to obtain, with one of his requirements being a physician-certified document stating that the pill failed to work on the patient. In 2008, a federal court found Warshak guilty of fraud and sentenced him to 25 years (later reduced to 10).
Numbered balls are dropped into the chamber and mixed until a sliding door opens, allowing the desired number of balls to pass through, one at a time. The 14 teams that did not make the playoffs will be entered into the lottery, with the worst teams receiving the best chances at higher picks. Selling the cars at rock-bottom prices, said Gomez, lowered his father’s estate taxes and rewarded his fellow devout Christians.
Not only that, he failed to provide them proper accommodations and insisted he have open access to their bank accounts at all times. Two years later, the victims turned the tables on Gillard when a TV producer made his story into a documentary to warn all those who want their 15 minutes of fame. With that pitch, he was able to regularly sell his homemade wines for thousands of dollars each. After successfully convincing their victims of the mine’s authenticity, the pair made off with $600,000 in cash and stocks. News of the scam reached as far as New York, where the media expressed astonishment that a pair of prospectors outwitted so many cunning businessmen.
A court later convicted Welsh and Thrasher and sentenced them to 20 and 15 years in prison respectively.
Howard bought a lot of gold then made a fake Associated Press dispatch on May 18, 1864 announcing that Lincoln wanted to conscript 400,000 more men for the war effort.
Authorities traced the hoax back to Howard and his accomplice, a reporter named Francis Mallison. Elf acquiesced and gave the pair millions of dollars to improve their elaborately-designed contraption. It is in fact a lottery, however, and the worst-placing team (this year’s Philadelphia 76ers), has only a 25 percent shot at winning the first overall pick.
Amazingly, a few of their victims expressed their support for the couple during their trial, sure they could never have committed such a crime. It had the effect Howard had hoped: The price of gold rose, letting him sell his shares at an inflated price. Their invention was actually a series of ordinary appliances, including a mere photocopier that whipped out previous exploration reports. A valve to a tube opens, and the balls that are blown into the tube are the winning numbers.
In fact, the Minnesota Timberwolves winning the first overall pick last year was the first time the worst-performing NBA team had won the first overall pick since 2004. The balls are evenly weighted and are usually locked away in vaults when not in use, in order to prevent tampering. A common misconception of the NBA draft lottery structure is that each team has a shot at winning any of the 14 picks. Each team has a shot at winning one of those but once that order is decided the rest is filled in by the reverse order of the standings. So every team in the lottery has a chance to jump into the top three, but no one should be pushed down by more than three spots.
If the Philadelphia 76ers were to get leapfrogged by three other teams, they would pick no later than 4th, no matter what. The Cleveland Cavaliers have notably had the first overall pick three times in the last five years without ever being the most likely team to land the pick, and this is in no way a reflection of anything other than randomness, sorry conspiracy theorists.
The lottery is distributing advantages and disadvantages either through a team moving into the top three, or a team getting pushed down as someone with lower odds leaps over them into the top three. The advantage and disadvantage that teams obtain from their random lottery movement can be quantified. To do that, however, one must quantify the value of the picks, and by extension, the players drafted by them. In quantifying player value for the purposes of quantifying draft pick value, it is important to use a metric that summarizes the impact of players, rewards players who sustain that impact for a larger share of minutes, treats players with different career lengths equally, and perhaps most importantly, summarizes multiple seasons in one number. A two year peak of VORP (Value over Replacement Player) derived from BPM (Box Plus Minus) is well suited for this goal. BPM is one of the more predictive of one number player-value metrics and VORP values players that play more.
The two year peak methodology condenses careers to one number while at the same time treating different career lengths equally, and is the preferred method of choice for summarizing a career in mine and other draft projection models. Using seasons going back to 1980, the list of top players by this number includes some very recognizable names. That expectation is the pick they would receive based on their record over the past year, if the lottery were not held. By comparing the expected value of the pre-lottery position of each team to the expected value of the actual pick of the NBA draft they received throughout the years of the NBA draft lottery, one can understand which teams have profited most from the hands of randomness. The values below are expressed as wins derived from the VORP metric used to assign player value, and the appropriate measures have been taken to assign value for each team (The old Charlotte Hornets are the New Orleans Pelicans here, etc). Time will tell which teams will play which role this year, a year when it might be especially important to sneak into the top two.

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