Corporate Fitness Programs Add Value, Even if Difficult to TrackBell Atlantic Mobile became Verizon Wireless, and that first 500-square-foot room housing one .
Meet Scott Aaron, CPT, CSN who is a master at affiliate marketing and has successfully taken his practice online to reach the masses. I started working at my families 1st fitness club at the age of 19 as a sophomore in college. The ability to connect, be genuine, caring, and compassionate has always been a part of me.
I already am getting paid in emails, texts, and phone calls from all the people around the globe who I have made an impact on their life is some way, shape, or form. Networking with various RDs in private practice who had some experience with corporate wellness. Know what you’re passionate about –whether that’s a skill you have, a field you’d like to work in, a topic you can’t ever resist reading up on, etc.

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Rock, Ark., this month A— will total 34, each one staffed by two full- time wellness coaches.
Then my day is spent coaching my clients online, building my fitness businesses, and connecting with new people who are looking to change their life physically or financially. One RD in particular thought that my skill set and interests would be well fueled and challenged by a job in Corporate Wellness.
As an introvert by nature I think I listen well, observe and read people well, and am very self-aware.
It’s a circle of wellness, and when we don’t fuel our bodies well there is a challenge in doing everything else to the best of our ability. I’ve learned to help people think and live outside the box with a passion for coaching and health.

Follow your heart and surround yourself with people that are doing exactly what you want to do. I learned this while training for my first half-marathon run during college, and have continued to be fascinated by how a healthy diet can shift so much in terms of our individual wellness. Don’t let any preconception (age, “skills”, life stage, etc) keep you from changing paths or going after something that you can’t go one day without thinking about.
There is always time and energy that you can afford to lend to something you deem worth it!

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