The Wellness Coaching role was developed as a workforce innovation to help support people with mental and substance use disorders with risk factors and medical conditions that impact their recovery. The wellness coaching training curriculum was developed through a collaboration between staff at Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey and faculty in Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions, Rutgers-SHRP.
A wellness coach applies principles and processes of health promotion and coaching to the goal of lifestyle improvement for higher levels of wellness. Wellness coaching emphasizes collaboration; the coach helps to guide the person toward successful and long lasting behavioral change.

Help the person to find his or her own solutions for the health problem(s) and concerns that they may face. Help find the motivation they need to complete the plan in order to achieve their wellness goals. Use a variety of methods, tailored to the individual, to move through the process of setting and reaching health and wellness related goals.
In this context, a coach is a person who supports peers in achieving their goals with encouragement and questions.

The Millions Hearts Initiative: Why psychosocial nurses should care, Journal of Psychosocial Nursing, 10-11.

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